Rules For Cleaning Out Your Wardrobe

This is going to be a pictureless post since I really didn’t want to be reminded of how cluttered and inefficient my closet was.

The church my parents attend launched a donation drive for the less fortunate (is that the right term these days…?) and they were asking for the usual: reusable items in good condition, especially new or lightly worn clothes.

Usually, I end up picking out a few separate items… A couple tshirts here, a pair of old shorts or capris, a random dress shirt I find, etc. All in all, I usually take up less than 1/5 of a garbage bag around donation time.

This time, I managed to take up TWO WHOLE FREAKIN’ GARBAGE BAGS.

AND I still think that my closet doesn’t have enough breathing room! But, at least I do have some space for impulse clothes purchases now without any buyer’s remorse. Plus, it’s going towards a good cause, you know?

Anyway, how did I manage to part with about half of my entire wardrobe? I simply followed these rules:

  • If it’s see through and it’s not supposed to be see through, TOSS IT!
  • If it’s got worn-out holes in it in places it shouldn’t have any holes, TOSS IT!
  • If it doesn’t fit, DONATE IT!
  • If you have several garments of the same type and colour, DONATE IT! (Seriously, the vast majority of people won’t notice if you’re wearing navy blue or dark imperial blue.)

But, the biggest rule I found myself following was this…

If you can’t remember wearing it in the last 2 years, DONATE IT!

If you haven’t touched it in a couple years, it obviously means that you don’t care much to wear it and it’s taking up valuable real estate in your closet for something that you’ll like more in about a week. (Like that sweater you saw at Anthropologie the other day!)

Don’t forget: Clothes, fashion and style help communicate to the world your personality, but they should never be a substitute for who you are.

Donate your clothes to those who might truly need it to stay warm this winter. Not sure where to drop off your old clothes? Here’s a handy list for those of you in Canada!