Mascara Trick

You’ve probably had this issue before… You have a nice mascara that you really like and it suddenly starts to clump and doesn’t QUITE go on as well as it used to.

This has been happening a lot with my own mascara and I know there’s a bit left in the tube, so I tried out this technique:

“Warm up your mascara tube fpr 30 seconds in your bra, or while you’re doing the rest of your makeup, and your mascara will work like new!”

I don’t have much cleavage, so I do this…

Warming Mascara

Stick the tube right between my legs! Ha!

I actually do my makeup while sitting down with a large handheld mirror since the bathroom mirror is just too far for me without my glasses. (Yeah, I’m that blind!)

I have to say, this trick actually works! Warming up the tube for a little bit really does “melt” the mascara just enough to get better application. Of course, there’s so little left in my tube that I think I have to get more soon…