Silk Road Tea Store – Golden Phoenix Pu-Erh

I’ve been sleeping really badly in the past week or so. In fact, I’ll even say that my sleeping patterns are shit right now. The culprit? Stress and increased intake of delicious coffee at the wrong hours. I know that caffeine plays a major role in it, but I also prefer cream over sugar while ignoring the fact that I’m somewhat lactose intolerant at night.

I already had a coffee this morning but I’ll definitely be riding out the afternoon slump with some tea I got from Silk Road Tea Store!

Silk Road Golden Phoenix Tea

Silk Road Tea Store is a gorgeous organic tea store located in the heart of Chinatown in Victoria, BC. It doubles as an organic spa, but they’re best known for their insanely good teas. It’s sort like Teavana or David’s Tea but a million times better!

I found out about this place when I went to BC for a little vacation and visited Victoria’s Chinatown. The sleek storefront caught my eye even though my mom never noticed it before! After spending an hour inside, we walked out with bags of tea in adorable little tins!

But this time, I bought a 40-cup tin of their Golden Phoenix Pu-erh tea through my cousin, who was already ordering some stuff from Silk Road.

Silk Road Golden Phoenix Tea

Golden Phoenix Tea of Prosperity | Semi-Green, Organic

Ingredients: Chinese semi-green tea, citrus peel, cinnamon bark, calendula flowers, tangerine, grapefruit, cinnamon essence

The tea mix had a fresh citrus scent when I first opened the tin, but it didn’t really transfer into the tea very well! I was a little disappointed in that, but the tea was still delicious and didn’t have a high astringency like other semi-green teas that I’ve had and over-steeped like I always do.

Golden Phoenix Tea

I was rather surprised that it turned my tea into a dark, orange-brown drink instead of a clear, lighter coloured tea that I was expecting for some strange reason. Maybe it was the citrus scent that forced me to think of lighter colours?

The best way for me to describe this tea is “smooth” like the smoothest cream you could imagine without all the fat! I don’t know how it works, but it works!

It’s definitely not as strong as other teas like the classic oolongs or jasmine tea, but there’s a lot of subtle citrus and flowery notes that I really appreciated. Surprisingly enough, I could smell the cinnamon as it steeped, but I didn’t get any of the usual burning sensation or flavour! Strange, but I didn’t really miss it, either.

Check out Silk Road Tea Store and their huge selection of organic tea, spa products and teaware! They offer free shipping for purchases over $50 and then $10 flat rate for anything less!

Ever try their teas? How do you think they compare to the big chain tea franchises?