Run Commuting – First Time Learnings

For the first time ever, I ran to work.

Or at least… I ran to the gym next to work.

Okay, fine, I attempted to run to the gym next to work, but only got in 5km out of 7.5km because I got too tired for my liking and my overall pace was about 1 min/km slower than what it usually is.

I have to emphasize that it was my OVERALL pace. That means I was running a hell of a lot slower at some points and at my usual pace at other times.

I also ran with this daypack:


The Gregory Maya 10 has a nice big pocket for a hydration pack right on the back with a small latch on the shoulder straps to secure the hose and valve pretty easily. So, instead of carrying around a water bottle, I just filled my hydration bladder to about 1L and slid it right in!

That was probably the best idea I had about run commuting since I freed up my hands and could focus more about form.

The worst idea I had about run commuting is bringing 1L of water! That’s 1kg of extra weight on your back, not including clothes, make-up, flats and essentials!

This is what else I learned:

  • Running along the subway route provides a great alternative to finish the commute to work if you’re gassed out (like I was)
  • A gym nearby with a place to stretch, has towel service and showers literally saves a lot of weight off your back
  • Consider leaving a pair of nicer looking shoes at work so you don’t have to bring a pair ALL THE TIME
  • Travel sized toiletries and makeup are the best thing ever
  • A 10L daypack is not big enough to carry more than clothes and shoes
  • I find it a lot easier to run to work than from work
  • There’s a ton of people who workout before starting the work day! Holy crap!
  • Changing too many things about a workout routine at once results in really, really low energy even if you eat enough
  • Freeing up the evening while getting a workout for the day is so liberating

This was on Wednesday. I also attempted a double workout yesterday with a run commute and climbing after work, which I’ll report on next, and I’m feeling pretty okay today! I think this will definitely be incorporated into my HM training from now on.

Of course, this means that I’ll probably have more ~*amazing*~ gems of advice from my run commutes.




NikeWomen Victory Tour 2016

On January 19, Nike announced the 20 international locations for their NikeWomen Victory Tour inĀ 2016.

Athens, Greece
Atlanta, USA
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Beijing, China
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Guangzhou, China
Hong Kong, China
Istanbul, Turkey
Jakarta, Indonesia
Los Angeles, USA
London, England
Manila, Philippines
Mexico City, Mexico
Nagoya, Japan
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Seoul, South Korea
Shanghai, China
Sydney, Australia
Taipei, Taiwan
Tokyo, Japan

NikeWomen Victory Tour2

It was announced in December that the Nike tour would not be returning to San Francisco, which was a host city for over a decade for the Nike tour.

Although Toronto saw 10,000 runners at the Nike Women’s 15K Run last year in June, it’s also absent from the list.

Without any local tour stops, Canadian women interested in participating in an infamous Nike Race will have to plan a destination race with the closest races in Los Angeles and Atlanta in the USA.

Tour dates and registration will be announced on January 29.