MEC Toronto Race FOUR – Race Report (5K)

Since the accident, I’ve only gone running three times and they were all between 2km and 3km distances. I didn’t want to rush into anything, but I’ll admit that the lack of running was driving me absolutely nutty until I laced up again!

Luckily, the short runs went as well as they could (hey, it was about 12°C outside when I last ran, not 25°C!).

I realized on Thursday through Instagram that MEC Toronto’s Race FOUR was happening this weekend and decided that this would be the best opportunity to really gauge my recovery progress.


Event: MEC Toronto Race FOUR – 5K
Date: June 19, 2016
Time: 9:20am
Fees: $15CAD online, $25CAD at the race
Personal Goal: Finish the race without injury

The race also offered 10K and Half Marathon distances and took place at the Tommy Thompson area. The Annual Runner’s Expo also took place with many brand partners like Brooks Canada, Hoka One One, Nuun, Spider Tech, Vita Coco and more!


Like I mentioned, this race would be the first time attempting 5km after the accident.

I ran a few times at 2km and 3km within the last couple weeks just to gauge how I was feeling and just decided to give it a shot!

Race Day Prep

The weather forecast called for clear skies and highs of 30C, so it was going to be mighty hot and bright at 9am!

Breakfast was pretty simple: 2 slices of toast with peanut butter and Nutella, and a cup of coffee. It’s only a 5K, but I knew I’d hang around for a while after the race to check out the vendors, too.

I prepped my hand-held water bottle, white hat, light singlet and loose shorts in preparation of the race. The worst situation in my mind would be overheating during and after the race.

The TTC doesn’t operate very frequently down to Tommy Thompson on Sunday mornings so I drove down there and I was pleasantly surprised to see it fairly packed at 8:30am! I ended up parking in a plaza about a 5 minute walk away, but I always like seeing high participation rates even if it ends up being super crowded.

I actually jogged half the way to the registration tent to kind of test how my legs were feeling. Good thing I did because my hamstrings were screaming for some intense stretching!

Once I registered, I did some intense lunges and had some Spider Tech k-tape put onto my shoulders to help prevent further whiplash aggravation.

Unlike the other races I’ve been to, there’s absolutely no chance of rain! Woo hoo!

Start line – Nice hot day, light breeze, and the crowd was pretty chill for a race.


Good general rules for most races, as well as conservation areas

I noticed a few runners all decked in in hydration gear for the 5K, which is normally a bit silly, but I was also carrying my own little water bottle because it was so damn hot!

I also noticed a few younger runners in high-collared tshirts and longer tights who also looked a bit nervous. Uhh… I hope they’ll be okay if this is their first outdoor run. Good thing there’s marshalls all over the place!

There was also a pair of ladies in hiking shorts and sling bags. I vaguely wondered if they knew this was the MEC race, not the run/walk race for cancer that was happening the same day…

1km – The running cap helps keep the sunlight off. Very happy for the cap. Should consider getting some sunglasses but I’d need prescription ones and that’s just not happening right now…

This trail is looking pretty nice! I should come down here more often… Dave would like this area.


[Random running thoughts continue.]

2km – The sun’s starting to feel really hot now. At this point, I’ve really found my groove and I’m using driving rules to move ahead of the slower runners on their left.

I also noticed that there seems to be a slight issue with my left plantar fascia is starting to get a little irritated. Maybe a slight change of pace and form would do the trick…

2.5km – Hydration station and turnaround point.

I didn’t feel like I should be changing my pace and form just yet because of my foot, which was feeling much better, so I chose not to grab a cup from the volunteer and took a swig from my water bottle as I swung around the turnaround pylon.

2.75km – Oh, there’s one of those runners in high-collared tshirts. Poor thing looks absolutely miserable…

Better chug a bit more water to make it through safely.

4km – At this point, I’m wondering if it’s wise for me to be drinking so much warm water instead of cool since I’m fairly sure all the water I’m drinking seems to be dripping down my face.

A quick glance to the watch also tells me that I’m running faster than I set myself to do. Slowing it down would be a good idea, huh?

4.9km – There’s an older gentleman just ahead of me. I can beat him to the finish line.

Is he speeding up…? Oh, NO, he so did NOT just speed up! HOW DARE YOU.


5K FINISH – I made it across at full sprint! I haven’t done that in a long, long time and it feels AMAZING.

I check my watch and it says 32:42. Not too shabby, all things considered!


MEC doesn’t hand out participation medals, so I just went straight back into the vendor’s area to check out the sponsors and what they were offering.

I don’t think they were allowed to sell anything (any money exchange here would’ve been a nightmare), but they gave out plenty of samples!

The folks at Eload Sports Drink has a pretty good electrolyte formula for better hydration after a hard run. Even though I drank all of my own water, the Eload drink really helped me recover a lot faster.

Although, I will say that it was the first recovery drink that I had right after the race, so I can’t tell if it’s superior to Nuun or coconut water!

I’ll also be looking out for Endurance Tap, which is an all natural energy “gel” that’s mostly maple syrup! They’re selling it online for about $3.25 per shot, so it’s not a terrible price for a start-up product.

Here’s my official results:


Overall 5K placement: 187

Chip time: 32:22.1

As usual, MEC did a great job organizing and marshalling the race!

I love MEC races because they’re much smaller than ones organized by Canada Running Series and, even though they don’t have as much swag or tech like finisher’s medals and multiple timing mats, they’re extremely professional and organized at all fronts.

Until next time!


adidas Runmore 10K – Race Report

“The only race that ends with you going back in time. #runmore 10K”

Event: adidas Runmore 10K
Date: November 1st
Time: 1am
Fees: $35CAD
Personal Goal @ 6’30” avg pace or less, 1:05:00

The very first adidas #runmore 10K was at 1am on November 1st and zipped us along the Martin Goodman Trail westward from Ontario Place. Why not use that extra hour from Daylight Savings to run a 10K race? After all, the clocks go back at 2am anyway.

I ran this on my own because I still don’t have many runner friends and most of the people I know were busy since it was Halloween night! But, I really can’t think of a better way to spend the night!

Here’s my recap of the adidas RunMore 10K!


If you’ve been following my weekly update reports like here, here and here, I’ve been running 10km once a week on flat ground, so I didn’t really need to do much additional training in terms of running.

However, I did need to plan my day since the race was starting at 1am! I’m usually asleep at 11pm, so this was going to be a challenge just being awake and planning out my meals properly since I didn’t want to burn out.

Race Day Prep

In case you didn’t see it, here’s the absolutely amazing race packet that they included.

adidas Runmore 10K Race Packet

Courtesy of adidas Canada

I was blown away by how much was in that race packet and the high quality of it all! Obviously, I didn’t take this picture, but it’s literally what what I got in my bag.

On the day of the race, I ended up having a big portion of Warm Chicken Quinoa Salad for dinner at around 7:30pm. I used some diced celery and cucumber to briefly pickle in a simple garlic vinaigrette that worked quite well with the slight bitterness and meatiness of the quinoa and chicken. I wanted this kind of dish because it was pretty light but very nutrient and energy dense.

I also took a nap from 9:00pm to 10:30pm because I knew it wouldn’t be able to stay awake. Gotta be in the best condition possible!

Since it was 1am, at the Waterfront, and it was Halloween night, I decided to dress up a bit!

In addition to the bright neon yellow Nike sweatshirt, adidas running light armband, and Nathan lightspur on my foot, the rainbow tutu lights up!

The Monsieur drove me there, but he was super worried about me because it was raining pretty hard at that time and I didn’t bring any rain gear. But, this really wouldn’t be the first time I raced in the rain! (Seriously, all the races I’ve run in 2015 have been in the rain!)

The village wasn’t as impressive as the Nike race since it simply wasn’t as massive in scale, but it was really great for a 600 runner race.

It was a shame that it was raining because there were live DJs and plenty of space to mingle, dance around and check out the food trucks, but they were forced to open the food tent so we wouldn’t get wet!

Luckily, the rain stopped enough just before we made our way to the start line.

Start line – I noticed that there weren’t a lot of people dressed up, which I found a bit strange since it was Halloween night. But I noticed that a lot of people were wearing really dark clothing!

Is it really that uncool to wear bright clothing at night so you don’t get hit?!

1km – I noted that there was a 1:05 pacer and knew that I needed to keep in pace with her or just ahead of her. Like hell I’m going to go any slower!

The rain was pretty minimal and it was against my back, so my glasses were thankfully spared from needing wipers.

Somewhere between 1-3kmWhy are there flashing lights coming right at me?! Who’s yelling?! What’s going on?!

Oh, it turns out that the paths were crossing each other in a very, VERY bad way. The runners leaving the start line were forced to veer left to continue the course. But, since it’s traditional here to run on the right side of the path (just like driving on the road), it was pretty much like turning left on a traffic light (again, just like driving) but without the traffic lights and nobody had brakes (not like driving, luckily)!

NOT GOOD. There were course marshals at that point, but it really stood out to me in a really bad way since, like I mentioned before, it was past 1am and not many people were wearing lights, reflectors or bright clothes.

3kmThere’s a zombie prom party or something like that at The Boulevard Club. Cool. Let’s hope they don’t act like jerks and jump out at us.

4-6km – I hadn’t seen the 1:05 pacer in a while, but I knew that she was behind me so I was starting to feel like I could slow down for a bit.

But, I noticed a bouncing light close by and it turned out to be her! Pick up the pace!

7-9km – At this point, I noticed that I had passed a lot of people who had dashed out at the first kilometer and were forced to slow down. I left behind my pacer so I geared back into a steady but slightly quicker than usual speed. Thank goodness I started out at a slower pace to make sure I could make my time!

A lot of the kids who were at The Boulevard Club had drifted out onto the trail and it was pretty obvious that quite a few of them were absolutely drunk. None of them caused me any trouble but I was really careful not to get too close to any of them in case they stumbled into me.

9km – I’m dying at this point. Where’s that finish line?!

A girl in front me noticed that I was coming up behind her and she started her kick. I totally didn’t mind and, if I wasn’t so tired, I would’ve given some chase but I just wanted to push across the finish line!

10km – I DID IT! A volunteer was waiting for me and graciously put this humongous medal around me neck!

adidas runmore 10k medal

This is the look of breaking a new PR!

And, where’s that 1:05 pacer? I couldn’t see her at all!

What’s my watch say? 1:03?! IT’S A PR RUN! WOOOOOOO!


As promised, there was free beer at the food tent and it was Beau’s Lug Tread! I swear, even though I was dripping wet, sore and hungry, beer had never tasted so delicious.

adidas runmore 10k beer Beau's Lug Tread

Unfortunately, because the food tent was opened before the race started, a lot of people had taken more than their fair share of the usual post-race food and there was literally nothing left for me to eat. Luckily, I packed away a light protein bar in the vest I left at bag check, so I was okay.


Here’s my official results:


overall place


division place

chip time

6:42* (this pace seems to be calculated by gun time, not chip time. Basic time math would put my pace at around 6’16”!)

I was super happy with adidas and their first race!

I definitely thought that they could’ve handled some issues a bit better, like the race course crossing over on itself and running out of food after only an hour, but there’s bound to be some hiccups. I’m looking forward to seeing if they’ll do it again next year since I’ll definitely be signing up for it again!

Did you run the adidas Runmore 10K? How did you find it?



adidas Runmore 10K

I signed up for the adidas Runmore 10K!

This is actually one of those moments where Facebook and Instagram ads actually work because I had no idea that adidas was doing their own 10K run before the ads popped up on the feed.

I signed up on Sunday, so I managed to get a spot, but I think they already sold out by now… (See: Facebook and Instagram ads)

Courtesy of adidas Canada

Event: adidas Runmore 10K
Date: November 1st
Time: 1am
Fees: $35CAD
Personal Goal @ 6’30” avg pace or less, 1:05:00

It’s going to be at 1am in the morning to take advantage of the extra hour from Daylight Savings and the course will run along the Lakeshore route starting at Ontario Place.

I’m really excited for this race because I’ve never run that late before! It’s a new challenge (for me, at least) to run in the dead of night since I usually run on my own. Luckily, there’s going to be a LOT of people and I’m looking forward to seeing how other people dress for a cold, dark run!

Plus, there’s a swag bag that I’m very interested in seeing what’s inside. Hopefully, there’s more than just the race bib! I’m guessing that there’s a running tech shirt, but I’m hoping for something super bright and reflective since it IS a night run!

Right now, I’m aiming to finish at 1:05 like my usual 10km pace. Like the Zoo Run, I realize that it’s likely I’ll run faster since it’s a race, but it’ll also be pretty dark, which tends to slow people down.

I’m also going to be getting some more safety gear like a LightSpur by Nathan at Black Toe Running.

Courtesy of Nerd’s Magazine

Do you go night running? What would you recommend to do?



Why Comfortable Shoes are Important in Running

I’ve always run in proper running shoes, so it’s not a totally miraculous self-discovery.

To cut to the chase, here’s what I’m running in right now: New Balance’s Minimus 10v3 Trails!

New Balance Minimus 10v2

Aren’t they pretty? I love them. You’ll see why when you read on!

But, I was training in a different pair of shoes for the Nike 15K earlier this year that were amazing for me. Here’s my old pair of New Balance 1010v2‘s (minimal trail runners).

New Balance 1010v2

I was really sad when I started running after recovering from my cuboid injury because the shoes were extremely painful to run in! That injury must have changed something in my foot and I was forced to retire them from long-distance running. Luckily, they’re more than perfect for parkour!

The only other shoes I had at the time were New Balance RC1400v2‘s (lightweight, minimal road racers).

New Balance RC 1400

I bought the RC1400v2’s back in the spring when they were on sale. I tried them a half size bigger than what I normally wear for runners, which is the common recommendation to accomodate for typical foot swelling during long runs, and they felt okay in that size even with a quick run around the store. I figured that I wouldn’t really feel that discomfort by the time I’m on the 8th kilometer or so and I could use a nice road runner as an alternate.

I started running in the RC1400v2’s and immediately noticed that something wasn’t feeling quite right. They weren’t causing me a lot of pain like the 1010v2’s were, but there was a slight discomfort about the shoes that I couldn’t really place. I even did a different lacing style!

I ran the Toronto ZooRun 10K in the RC1400v2’s, but my calves and ankles ended up super tight and there was something wrong with my injured foot. It didn’t really warrant a trip to the doctor’s (yet), but it was definitely something to consider!

Once I started running in the new Minimus 10v3s, there was minimal pain after a long run of 10km and my foot felt like normal. The new Minimus 10v3s are also minimal trail shoes, so there’s not much cushioning or support but something about the material and the sole’s design makes it a super comfortable ride for me!

New Balance Minimus 10v2

The best part? They’re so comfortable that I managed to get my easy pace down to 6’04” without much effort!

I’m looking forward to logging in some major mileage in the next year!

Do you have a favourite shoe? What is it?



Toronto ZooRun 10K Tomorrow!

Tomorrow’s the Toronto Zoo 10K Run and I had set a goal earlier in the summer to run the race in under 60 minutes.

I’ll be perfectly honest: It ain’t happening. Simply put, I didn’t train often or hard enough over the last few months because I’ve been extra cautious with letting my foot recover. By the time I was confident enough to run without injuring myself again, Toronto was hit with a couple of heat waves!

I did try running in 34C and again in 38C (with humidex), but I was seriously suffering at the 7.5km mark and my times were horrible. I knew that there was no way I’d be able to make my original goal, but I’m okay with it. I’m happy that I can actually participate in the run even if I’m not able to reach that goal. After all, I’d much rather make sure my foot heals properly so I can run as pain-free as possible!

But more about the Toronto Zoo Run! It’s a great course that goes through the Toronto Zoo’s exhibits so all the runners actually get to run past the animals! It also has a fundraising portion where the proceeds go directly to the Toronto Zoo’s conservation and research programs.

It’s also the run that got me into running!

So, I’m super, super excited to be running the 10K course this year instead of the 5K and I’m so amazed at how much I’ve achieved in just one year!

It’s going to be much, much cooler this weekend with a little bit of rain so it’s going to be a fantastic run. Here’s what I’m going to be using:

  • Dri-FIT tank top with Bib attached
  • Shorts
  • New Balance RC1400 shoes
  • Wireless headphones
  • Cell phone and valuable ID in SPIbelt
  • Running hat (in case it rains)

We’re allowed baggage check with a backpack, so I’ll also be packing this in preparation:

  • Change of clothes
  • Water bottle (for touring the zoo after the race!)
  • Nuun tablets
  • Extra granola bars
  • Light sweater/sweatshirt (it looks like it’ll be a bit chilly tomorrow morning at 7am)
  • Camera kit

I’m expecting to finish around 1:05 since I ran 10K on a sort of trail last Friday in 1:10 and it was much warmer. If I break that time, I’ll have a new PR!

Are you running this weekend?



Nike Women’s 15K Toronto Run – Race Report

I did it!!! I actually ran a 15K race when I couldn’t even run 5K this time last year!

I entered and ran on my own because I didn’t (and still don’t) know anybody close to my area who would want to train with me. All of my parkour friends who also run are so far away! 😦

Anyway, here’s my take on the Nike Women’s 15K Toronto!


I had about 11 weeks to train for 15km, but I was already running at about 5km as “long runs” because I was being ultra careful with healing a shin splint while doing parkour at the same time.

So, I more or less followed Hal Higdon’s Novice 15K Training Guide as a general guideline rather than a schedule since I’m still searching for that delicate balance between work and home life.

Luckily, I managed to do a 14km long run to the Eaton Centre’s Nike store to pick up my race packet! Yay! Two birds with one stone!

Race Day

Yup, I bought a separate tank top because I knew I’d likely overheat in the tshirt that they gave out!

Nike Toronto Run

Bright and early and pre-gear drop off on the Toronto Islands!

Nike Toronto Run

Selfies are part of a healthy, pre-race breakfast

Even though the race started at 9:30am, I was slotted for the 7:30am ferry since it was probably dedicated to Wave 5 runners. Luckily, the Island had lots of music and amenities that Nike organized pretty well. They had a ton of photo op stations, a really awesome drumline by the name of 416BEATS (who were really impressive), a warm up location, MuscleAidTape tent, tons of Nuun stations, heat sheet tents, gear drop off and, luckily, a MASSIVE amount of port-a-potties to accomodate so many people!

Nike Toronto Run

The course was amazing to go through even though it had rained while we were in our corrals, but it dried up during the race. My absolute favourite part was running on the Billy Bishop runway while the planes were landing close by!

Combined with a pee break at the 3km part, it added about 5 minutes to my chip time, but it was totally worth it.

Nike Toronto Run

Courtesy of Nike Women Toronto

Courtesy of Nike Women Toronto

Here’s my official results:

City: Toronto


Bib#: 3429

Division: F25-29

Division Rank: 1284/2256

Overall Rank: 4707

Split Times: Avg. Pace: 0:06:44
3k:0:19:52 Start Time: 09:58:30
6k: 0:42:03 Gun Time: 2:09:09
9k:1:01:13 Chip Time: 1:40:50
12k: 1:21:13 Finish Time: 11:39:19
Betty L, aka me, courtesy of Nike Women Toronto

Betty L, aka me, courtesy of Nike Women Toronto

The gun time is so different from the chip time because it took about 30 minutes for Wave 5 to get to the start line.

Does the Nike Women’s 15K Toronto Run’s medal look awesome?

Nike Women Toronto Medal Nike Women Toronto Medal

HELLS YEAH! I’ve already worn it a bunch of times! It looks amazing and definitely wearable for all occasions!

Of course, I thoroughly enjoyed a glorious post-race meal of dumplings, noodles and delicious soup.

Post-Race Meal

I actually felt great the day after the race, so that means I’ll be training to do the Oasis Zoo 10K Run in September in under and hour!

Well… Not completely great.

I literally injured myself on the finish line and ended up with a dropped cuboid, aka cuboid syndrome. More on that later!



Toronto Information for Nike Women’s 15K

Okay, so it feels like Toronto’s going to be seeing a LOT of people from around the world this year!

The Pan Am and Parapan American Games, FIFA Women’s World Cup and the Nike Women’s 15K Toronto Run are joining the lineup of the usual internationally known events happening in Toronto like the Honda Indy, NXNE Music Festival, Luminato, Pride Toronto, Caribana, Rogers Cup, Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto International Film Festival and a whole lot of other events that I can’t even remember right now.

The Run Nike Women Series’ Facebook page gets dozens of the same questions about hotels, transit, parking, and other local information that they can’t answer it all!

So, as a local Torontonian, here’s a quick FAQ for the Nike Women’s 15K.

Q: Where is the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal?

A: More commonly known by Torontonians as the “Queen’s Quay Ferry Docks” or some variation of that, it’s located on the southern side of downtown Toronto and best accessible by TTC by two streetcar routes:

509 Harbourfront from Union Station, the most southern subway station on the yellow line. It’s a little confusing because of the renovations, but feel free to ask a volunteer in a bright orange vest where to go!
510 Spadina from Spadina Station, one of the transfer subway stations between the green and yellow lines. It’s one of the stations right in the middle of the map.

Both streetcars go to Queen’s Quay (pronounced like Queen’s KEY), where you get off and head towards the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel, which is right next to the ferry terminal. You can ask for directions from a friendly Torontonian or you could probably follow the massive crowd heading to the ferries, too.


The TTC (our only public transit system in Toronto) opens at 9am on Sundays! So, since our ferries start at 6am, your best bet to get to the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal is most likely going to be a cab or someone driving you. If you’re staying a hotel in the downtown core, you can ask the front desk for directions and you can most likely walk straight there. The city itself is pretty huge, but downtown is very walkable.

Q: I’m going to be driving to the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal. Where can I park?

A: Nike recommends parking at the Harbourfront Centre, which is pretty close, but there’s only so many spots available and it’s more on the pricy side of parking rates over there.

I’d recommend looking for a Green P Parking lot or an Impark lot by searching the “Queen’s Quay Ferry Docks.” You can check out their websites right now to see where they have lots so you don’t waste time circling around downtown!

Green P Parking –
Impark –

Q: Why do we have to get to the ferries so early when the race starts at 9:30am?!

A: Usually, the ferries don’t see a lot of traffic because the Toronto Islands are very tourism-driven. There are some people who live on the Islands, but the vast majority of the businesses there are only open during the summer.

So, even though our 5 ferries have small capacities ranging from 220 to 975 passengers, this works for the city the majority of the time.

Q: Alright, I have a 7am ferry time. What’s there to do on the Islands until I get into my corral?

A: You’re about to run a 15K race! Why not spend some time warming up on the lush green lawns of the Islands while taking in the fantastic view of the Toronto skyline?

From Wikipedia

Nike has also mentioned that they’ve set up some activities on the Island to help pass the time.

Still bored? Take a short walk around the Start/Finish line and you’ll find a lot of scenic points to get away from the city.

Q: I don’t have a spectator ticket but my friends/family/dog want to come and watch. What should I do?

A: The Nike race has booked out all the available ferries until 9:30am. After that, the ferries will go back to their usual schedule.

That means, if your friends/family/dog don’t mind getting on a later ferry than you, they can simply get a ticket from the Terminal and board the next available ferry like a normal traveller.

(This is what my family and friends are doing. They can’t be bothered to get up that early!)

Q: Speaking of dogs…

A: Yeah, they’re allowed on the Islands. Just make sure that they’re leashed and that they don’t come off the leash while on the ferry.

FYI, there’s been a rash of off-leash dog incidents recently, so the police are doing a crackdown. If you are bringing your pup down to the Islands, please keep this in mind and don’t take off the leash. (Read more here!)

Q: What if I miss my ferry?

A: That would suck so bad. Aim to get there 30mins before your ferry time since it is a real pain in the ass to travel in this city these days!

If you’re running super late and it looks like you’ll miss the race, you can try to take a Water Taxi. But, don’t rely on them since there really aren’t a lot of them available. (See reason above for lack of water transportation.)

Water Taxi Information: 416-203-TAXI (8294)

Q: What else can I do in Toronto after the race?

A: Depends on what you like! Toronto’s a huge city with lots of hidden gems and a ton of things to take in. The tourism board and websites aren’t the best, but if you reach out to a Torontonian forum like on Reddit, you can get some pretty decent answers.

Personally, I’d recommend checking out the food here. There’s something delicious for everyone!

Have another question? Tweet at me @cafelilium or leave a comment! 🙂



Nike Women’s 15K Toronto Run + Window Displays

Hey everyone!

Here’s what The Bay’s window display looked like on Sunday in preparation for the Nike Women’s 15K Toronto Run! If you’re in the area, go check it out!

Nike Women's 15K Toronto Display

I’m going to be running the Nike Women’s 15K Toronto on June 14th in Wave 5 and I’m aiming to finish the race in about 01:45 even though I was incredibly optimistic in my running time when I signed up to finish in 01:30. So far, the weather forecast looks amazing and it’ll be taking place on the Toronto Islands!

Nike Women's 15K Toronto Display

I want those tights. And those shoes!

I am really loving the colours that they picked for the Toronto run! It takes place on the Toronto Islands, so I can totally understand the aquatic blues (even though it’s Lake Ontario) and the greens are so characteristic to how Toronto is so lush and green for a large North American city.

Nike Women's 15K Toronto Display

That mannequin on the far left? YES PLEASE!

I’m thinking of getting some of the exclusive gear, but I’ll see how my wallet’s feeling when I go pick up my race packet! Of course – me being me – I’m planning on running 14km through some urban trails to get to the Eaton Centre to pick it up.

Nike Women's 15K Toronto Display

We’re getting a bit closer to body equality here with the different body shapes!

In case you can’t tell by now, I’m really super excited for this race! I’ve been to a couple of smaller ones, but this Nike Race feels like it’s going to have a lot of fun activities pre- and post-race for both participants and specators, and the finisher’s prize is a necklace exclusively designed by Tiffany & Co.!

Will you be at the race? Let me know!