The Music Box Subscription – June 2014

I signed up to The Music Box a while ago with a small discount code they advertised on Twitter and I finally got it this week all the way from the US!

What is it?

The Music Box Subscription introduces you to new music and swag from up and coming bands from all over North America. Each box is curated to your music tastes through a small survey and costs $10USD per month! Shipping is free in the US, $5USD to Canada and $9USD to Australia.

It’s kind of hard for me to describe what kind of music I really like since I find that my music tastes will change from month to month and people keep redefining what the categories are!

Thankfully, they also had a section for “Your Favourite Bands” and I put down these bands: Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Offspring, Linkin Park and Metric (I think). I probably should put in Lorde and USS because they haven’t moved from my commuting playlist at all!

Based on my responses, TMB sent me this lovely box!

The Music Box Subscription June 2014

The sunglasses are actually really cute and they’re also UV protected! They’re a little hipster-y, but I would so rock this with a loose t-shirt, formal shorts and flats. And contacts, because I’m pretty much blind without prescription glasses.

The bands they featured for my June box were more along the screamo, metal and punk categories that I’m pretty familiar with, and I’ll admit that I’ve had in my music library from my late high school years!

Both Aurin and Chrysalis put in whole albums into the box, and Aurin was spotlighted with more swag like a sticker and a couple of guitar picks! (No idea what I’ll do with the guitar picks, but it’s nice to see!)

If you like the type of grinding punk screaming rock that’s common at places like Taste of Chaos, I would definitely recommend Aurin and Chrysalis! Aurin has a wonderful lead singer and Chrysalis delivers some good drives.

They also put in a handful of cards with promo codes for free album streaming, which is a really good way to get some advertising! In no particular order, they included these bands:

  • 3AM (, free downloads at with code 3pm2014)
  • Olio (, free downloads available)
  • Aurin (
  • Nobody Yet (
  • Pyro Ohio (
  • Chrysalis (
  • itMusic, a music community (
  • Rivers Monroe (, free album download HERE!)

Verdict: 3.5/5 I do like the swag and getting introduced to new bands, but I wonder if I’m just too particular with music to really appreciate this type of music again. We’ll have to see what’s in the next couple boxes to see if I’ll stick around!