Mistobox – February 2014

I haven’t even finished my last box and I got my new batch of coffee!


MistoBox February 2014

In all seriousness, they’ve renamed the smaller-sized subscription that contains four 1.7oz bags of coffee the “Awesome Subscription” and the bigger-sized sub of four 3.4oz bags of coffee as the “More Awesome Subscription.” They’ve even added an option to get it bi-weekly instead of monthly!

MistoBox February 2014


Barefoot Coffee Roasters’s Guatemala Amarillo – USD$19.00 for 12oz

“Tropical fruit acidity, syrupy brown sugar sweetness, and a delicate, yet balanced mouthfeel”

This sounds like a great cup of coffee to enjoy on its own, but I won’t know until I try it out for myself! Like they recommend, I don’t open the packages until I’m ready to grind them up and brew. But, the natural sweetness sounds like it will balance out the tropical fruit flavours quite nicely.

Also, congratulations for this bean for winning 3rd place in the Guatemala Cup of Excellence program!

HalfWit Coffee Roasters’ Peru Tupac Amaru – USD$17.00 for oz

“Heavy fig notes, a creamy cashew butter sweetness, and a round, syrupy body that is reminiscent of molasses”

Wow, this is gonna be a treat to have! It sounds like such a decadent treat that I’ll have to try it when the weather’s a bit worse (which is like this entire season).

It’s also great to see that this exclusive, small lot is made by 24 producers of the Tupac Amaru Cooperative in Puno, Peru. I love coffee from smaller producers! You can almost taste the love they put into their crops.

MistoBox February 2014


Onyx Coffee Lab’s Ethiopia Misty Valley – USD$18.00 for 12oz

“Coffee blossoms, jasmine, black cherry and a luscious, creamy body”

One of my favourite country of origins for coffee is most definitely Ethiopia! I haven’t really noticed if there’s a particular region I prefer, but anytime Ethiopia comes up when coffee is mentioned, I’m there. This is going to be no different with such a unique blend of flavours! Even though I tend to prefer simpler flavours in coffee and wine, I’m looking forward to this one!

Bowtruss Coffee Roasters’ Costa Rica La Cuesta – USD$17.00 for 12oz

“Light, clean, balanced, concord grapes, spiced pecans”

It looks like this particular blend is a micro-lot from Costa Rica! If you like South American coffee, this one would be the one to buy since it’s such a classic combination of flavours with just a hint of sweet grapes and spiced pecans, which sounds like it’ll raise the cup to a new level.

The printing actually cut off a bit on the right side, so I’m actually guessing what it says.  But, I can tell that it comes from a region that produces some of the best coffee in the world!

Verdict: I never have a problem with MistoBox! They always deliver me delicious, single-source coffee right to my doorstep from the US and they’re even faster than ever now!

Want to make your mornings more exciting with MistoBox? Subscribe here! For Canadians, it starts at $25/mo for a monthly Awesome box and goes up to $70/mo for bi-weekly More Awesome box with enough coffee to fuel a full office!

Do you like coffee? What’s your favourite?



Note: I am not paid by MistoBox or any of the companies mentioned in this post for this review. All opinions and views are mine. I am not responsible for discontinued products since those listed in this post are limited commodities.

The WestBean Coffee Roasters – El Salvador La Granadilla

I really have to get through these coffee samples. It’s been about a month since they were roasted and I can actually tell the difference in flavour at this point!

Today, I sampled The WestBean Coffee Roasters’ La Granadilla from El Salvador.

WestBean Coffee Roasters La Granadilla

The little blurb in my MistoBox card says that there’s “subtle hints of apricot and lemon zest with a delightful acidity on the palate, transitioning to a mildly spiced, dark chocolate full body finish.” When I first took a sip without any sugar or milk, I could only taste the deep, dark chocolate and cocoa flavours and a TINY hint of the apricot.

After I added in a bit of sugar and milk (I can’t drink black coffee or else I gag horribly!), the acidity notes came out a bit better in contrast to my milk but I still couldn’t taste any of the lemon zest that was mentioned in the blurb. Of course, lemon zest and its flavours are extremely easy to lose to staleness in all forms, so I’m not too surprised.

When the coffee’s hot, it has a certain energy and depth to its flavour profile that is really enjoyable on its own without anything paired to it. For the lack of a better phrase, it’s what Starbucks coffee should taste like instead of what it is right now. But, once the cup cools, it loses a LOT of its strength and it turns into a pretty average cup of coffee.

That being said, the combination of dark chocolate and its dynamic strength is very, VERY delicious.

Verdict: Although I do really enjoy the cocoa notes in WestBean’s La Granadilla, I don’t think I’d buy it. It could very well be because it’s gone stale, but it’s not as flavourful as other coffee beans that I’ve tried from the box!

The WestBean Coffee Roasters don’t seem to carry La Granadilla anymore, but if you’re interested in getting a bag, grab one here at MistoBox.com!



Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co. – Honduras Jose Salomon Benitez

My June box came on June 14th and I’ve somehow managed to resist the temptation of beautiful coffee for a FULL WEEK! I don’t know how I did that, but I’ve instantly regretted it.

MistoBox June Anodyne

The first one I pulled out for this month is Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co.’s Jose Salomon Benitez. The card states that it’s a microlot of Finca El Bourboyon with the Catuai variety. Not too sure exactly what these details mean, but the beans look a lot smaller and rounder than the typical Colombian variety.

It also tastes a lot smoother and creamier with just a touch of milk! The mouthfeel of this particular blend is somehow a tad thicker and more pleasant than others, but without the use of a high fat creamer. (I use 2%, not coffee cream or table cream at home.)

The flavour itself does have hints of blackcurrants and honey, but it’s not as pronounced as the finishing tones nougat and almonds. These subtle flavours come out the best after adding a little sugar and milk for me, so it’s probably not too suited for black coffee drinkers who want the full experience.

Verdict:  The coffee as a whole actually reminds me of a really good nougat bar that you’d get in a cafe. I would actually drink this AS my dessert instead of WITH my dessert! It is such a great treat! That being said, I’d probably just buy a half bag since it would probably go stale before I get a chance to finish it all. 😦

Wanna try it out and share it with some friends? Pick up a whole pound here at Mistobox.com or here at Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co.‘s own website, which only ships within the US.



MistoBox – June 2013

May was a huge month for MistoBox with their appearance on Shark Tank on ABC (it’s like Dragon’s Den on CBC for all you fellow Canadians out there) and they’ve made a huge overhaul on their subscription service.

At $23USD per month for their Awesome Subscription, you can get a box of four 1.7oz bags of whole bean gourmet coffee shipped to your door once a month. But, they’ve added the option to get a second, different box shipped for $46USD per month! Two whole boxes of delicious coffee a month!

If you find that you’re going through your coffee too fast, you can upgrade to the More Awesome Subscription to get four 3.4oz bags of whole bean gourmet coffee at $35USD once per month OR $70USD for two boxes per month!

As always, the first boxes are at a discounted price ($5USD for Awesome, $10USD for More Awesome), so it’s a pretty neat deal if you wanna try it out!

Since I signed up just before the price hike, I get mine at $20USD per box and I don’t plan on letting it go anytime soon.

June MistoBox

June’s MistoBox contains:

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere – Victrola Coffee Roasters // Seattle, Washington

Considered one of the most prized coffee regions of the world, Yirgacheffe produces some of the most distinctive coffees year after year. The coffees of the region are diverse while maintaining a flavor profile that is unmistakable: light, delicate, floral, sweet, and citrusy. This year’s crop from Kochere is aromatically intense with jasmine, rose, orange and sweet marzipan.

Honduras Jose Salomon Benitez – Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co. // Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This microlot of Finca El Bourboyon from Producer Jose Salomon Benitez is but one example of the unique profiles and quality potential found in Honduras coffees. The coffee benefits from a microclimate influenced by numerous rivers, shade trees, and mountains that encompass the Opoloca coffee growing region. This coffee is sweet like honey and nougat, with fruited notes of currants and a creamy, silky body.

Rwanda Mwasa – Ladro Coffee Roasting // Seattle, Washington

Mwasa washing station is privately owned by Alphonse Kayijuka, a farmer and business man born and raised near the current site of the station, with ten other farmers from the Nyamasheke area who all have shares in the business. This particular coffee has layers of flavor, unfolding first with blood orange acidity, opening up to dark fruit sweetness and finishing with a dark chocolate astringency.

El Salvador La Granadilla – The WestBean Coffee Roasters // San Diego, California

While Natural processing is popular in other parts of the coffee-producing world, it is a relatively new practice in El Salvador. This processing method enhances the fruit qualities in the coffee. On the front end of the cup, enjoy subtle hints of apricot and lemon zest with a delightful acidity on the palate, transitioning to a mildly spiced, dark chocolate full body finish.

I’m looking forward to trying out all the different coffees, but I have to say that the shipping time for my box was about 9-10 business days from the US. I wonder if that affects the coffee taste…

Want to try out a MistoBox? Check it out here at MistoBox.com and make sure to say that Betty Lau referred you! 🙂

Happy drinking!



Elemental Coffee – Colombia San Agustin

Here’s the final sample of coffee from Early May’s MistoBox!

Elemental Coffee - Columbia San Agustin

Just like OQ Coffee’s sample bag, I opened the bag and I could immediately smell the coffee beans inside. This time, it was a much more familiar scent since the beans originate from Colombia and most Canadians are more familiar with Colombian coffee.

Before I tried anything, I read the card that MistoBox sent in the box and it says that the “… farms are planted with caturra, typica, bourbon and castillo varieties to make this lot. The cup opens up to a nice citrus acidity with orange and papaya fruited notes, paired with molasses heavy sweetness and a round body.”

I took a sip without adding sugar or milk and I instantly thought, “complex, rounded, bold and STRONG!” This coffee will definitely appeal to the more hardcore coffee drinkers who want something to wake themselves up with at 6am in the morning to rush out the door!

After adding some sugar and milk, I started to pick up the fruitier flavours and found that it has more of a papaya taste than orange and citrus, though there’s definitely a mild acidity to the blend. The deep molasses flavour comes out most prominently at the end of the cup.

Verdict: Although I feel most comfortable with this type from my MistoBox, it’s not my favourite. It’s got too many flavours mingling with each other, which contributed to its complexity but at the same time almost made it TOO complex. It’s a personal preference, but I like cleaner flavour profiles.

Curious about this coffee? Pick up a bag from MistoBox through here or check it out from Elemental Coffee Roasters here. From what I can tell, their Saucha bag will change every now and then according to season!

However, their checkout page seems to be a little broken right now and it keeps telling me that my postal code is wrong and that I need to choose a shipping method that doesn’t exist. I’ll update at a later date to see what’s going on!



OQ Coffee Co. – Sulawesi Toarco Station

I tried out the third sample I got from my MistoBox today.

OQ Coffee Co. - Sulawesi Toarco Station

My first impression of this coffee bean came when I ripped open the top and a huge whiff of freshly roasted coffee hit my nose! It definitely wasn’t as delicate as the Case’s Agaro Jimma or Water Avenue’s Finca Buena Vista and reminded more of the more common varieties but not in a bad way.

The roast appeared a little darker than Case’s and Water Avenue’s beans, so that might be why it smells a bit stronger and more like the typical roasts we find in the supermarkets. The beans also looked a little larger than the others, but that could also be the variety of coffee bean that they used. (I’m not very educated on the different varieties of coffee beans!)

Without any sugar or milk added to it, the Sulawesi Toarco delivered a full, almost wine-y taste that comes from the juniper and other spiced notes. I think it reminds me of wine because of the spices they chose since many red wines use those during oaking.

I didn’t pick up any of the floral notes the card had mentioned. None. But that could be because I had just eaten lunch and floral notes can be a bit difficult for me to detect.

It’s got a distinct bitterness that’s characteristic of coffee, but I found it to be much less sharp than typical coffees and sharper than the other samples I’ve tried.

Verdict: Out of the samples in the box so far, it’s not my favourite. It’s not as distinct or as novel in flavour profile as the others, but I do enjoy its resemblance to wine. It’s still better than most commercial coffees available and it would do perfectly as the first morning roast after a long night of partying, but I’m not sure if I’d get it online to ship to Canada. If it was available on the shelf, I’d take it in an instant!

Interested? You can buy a bag here at MistoBox.com or here at OQ Coffee Co.’s online store, which also does not ship to Canada. *sigh*



Case Coffee Roasters – Ethiopia Agaro Jimma

Here’s the second of four samples I got from MistoBox!

Case Coffee Roasters - Ethiopia Agaro Jimma

Every sample came in these resealable brown paper bags that fit perfectly into the box they sent it in and they picked different colours for each bag. I’m not sure if the colours are used each time or if it’s by region or if they pick new colours each month, but it definitely does help when trying to pick the morning brew.

This was the second sample that I opened and it turned out to be a slightly lighter roast than other commercial coffee beans. It’s not as light as the Finca Buena Vista, but it’s still lighter than say… Starbucks’ Pike Place.

The smell actually reminds me of a barbeque for some reason. I don’t know why, but it’s that toasted scent that first hits my nose! It’s still quite lovely and dry as they say on the card included in the MistoBox, but I don’t pick up any of the apricot and honey.

It tastes so sweet even without any sugar! The first flavour I got was literally peaches and raspberries and I had to double check with the card to make sure that I wasn’t imagining things! The finish is a little dull, but the overall profile is very delicate and perfect for beginner or casual coffee drinkers.

Verdict: It’s a much lighter and delicate coffee that would probably appeal to more people than the typical coffee and it delivers a cloyingly delicious flavour.

Want to check it out? You can buy it here at Mistobox.com with free shipping or here at Case Coffee Roasters’ store site for a $5 flat shipping fee!