Tasting Box – July 2014

It’s been a while since I ordered a Tasting Box by FoodiePages, but here’s July’s!

Tasting Box July 2014

What is it?

Tasting is believing! The TASTING BOX includes 5 scrumptious tastes to enjoy, made by our favourite Canadian small batch food artisans and delivered directly to your door – a different box each month.  The TASTING BOX is the perfect opportunity to discover and sample the culinary talents right in our own backyard! Only 50 TASTING BOXES are available each month, so order yours today!

It’s $14.95 + shipping for a box, so people in Ontario and Quebec get it for around $22 or so after tax.

This month, there were 5 items in the box and they all look really good!

Tasting Box July 2014All Mine Caramel’s Cayenne Caramel Corn (Toronto, ON) – 150g, unknown price

These are small-batch popcorn using organic, non-GMO Ontario popping corn covered in handmade caramel with a hint of cayenne pepper. I’m really loving caramel corn made in smaller scales because they taste just so much better than the conventional carnival-types from a box, so I’m not complaining that I got more this box!

These ones from All Mine Caramel are really nice, but I couldn’t really taste the cayenne until maybe the 5th bite. Aside from that, the caramel is gorgeously seasoned, covers every popcorn evenly and the popcorn is still so fresh and crunchy!

Tasting Box July 2014

Chinook Condiments’ Spicy Chipotle Gourmet Sauce (St. Albert, AB) – $7.99 for 350mL, Full Size

I haven’t opened up this bottle yet because I still have about 3 other jars of BBQ sauce and hot sauce to go through.

They market their sauces for being “safe for gringos,” which means that they’re keeping the heat level lower and jacking up the other flavours to appeal to a wider audience. I’m a person who actually really likes spicy food but really flavourful food at the same time, so I’m looking forward to try this soon!

Tasting Box July 2014

The Sweet Escape Patisserie’s Earl Grey Shortbread (Toronto, ON)

For some reason, this Tasting Box is featuring businesses that don’t have price listings on their website and they’re not featured at all on the FoodiePages marketplace… Weird.

Anyway, this packet comes with 8 Earl Grey shortbread cookies with real butter and organic tea leaves.

Tasting Box July 2014

They’re actually a bit gray from the tea! It’s great to see that they use real ingredients and no additional colouring, but I have to admit that it’s a little off-putting. It’ll be pretty good to eat a couple of these with a nice latte, though.

Tasting Box July 2014

Mary Macleod’s Shortbread’s Chocolate Crunch (Toronto, ON) – $11.25 for 4 ($5.63 for 2)

These were the first things that were gone after I took that picture!

Made with just wheat and rice flour, butter, sugar, milk chocolate and icing sugar, these cookies are so buttery and perfect. The rice flour gives it a nice little gritty bite that breaks up the shortbread cleanly when it’s bitten. It ONLY has 100 calories and 6 grams of fat in each cookie, though!

Luckily, it’s most definitely an occasional thing and they’re located just on Queen Street East! Very easily accessible for me.

Tasting Box July 2014

Ferme Guy Rivest’s Cranberry and Strawberry Jam (Rawdon, QC) – $3.99 for 140mL

It’s always nice to see a repeat brand in a Tasting Box! I did really like the wine jam that they sent out earlier this year, but I ended up only using it about twice a week because the wine flavour was a bit much for me. I wasn’t brought up with wine as a big component in my life, so it’s not a flavour that I’m used to all the time.

I was going to try some this morning, but I actually completely forgot to have breakfast! (It’s so bad of me, I know!) But, if it’s anything like the other jam, I’m going to enjoy it. I may actually use a dab of it in a sauce for some duck!

Verdict: 3.75/5 I do love my caramel popcorn and all the cookies in the box, but it almost feels like a repeat box because of all the similar products in it. Of course, they outline who and what’s in each month’s box, so I can always pass it over if I don’t want it. Overall, I’m very pleased with the high quality of the products, but I’m going to be looking at their list more carefully from now on!

Did you pick up a July Tasting Box? What did you think of it?