TRUE Organic Juices – Bunched Greens

I usually don’t buy smoothies or pressed juices in general, but I saw this at a Shoppers Drug Mart the other day and I decided to give it a try!

TRUE Organic Juices - Bunched Greens

What is it?

TRUE Organic Juices uses only the most natural, authentic ingredients in all of their juices. Based in California, TRUE works directly with farmers to get as much organic fruits as they can in each of their 6 flavours.

I picked Bunched Greens since I prefer veggies and savoury foods over sweet. It was kind of expensive at around $4 for 355mL.

It’s really green, but it tastes mostly of apples. The mouthfeel is really thick for what I consider a juice but it’s a bit thin for a smoothie, and it seems to sit pretty heavily in my stomach. The thickness probably comes from the high concentration of banana puree in the formula.

I actually don’t really like it! It’s too sickly sweet, even for an organic veggie/fruit juice. I suspect that this is from the mango puree that they use…

Even though it’s the same size as a can of soda (355mL), it’s a lot harder to drink. I wanted more vegetables from a flavour that highlights the greens! Come on, now!

Verdict: 2.5/5 – The health benefits are obviously there, but the combination of the overly-sweet profile and high price tag is going to keep me from reaching for it on the shelves.

ADDENDUM: I know it’s supposedly super healthy for me to get all my fruits and vegetables in me, but… I like to eat my meals, not drink them.