DAVIDsTEA Advent Calendar 2014 – Day 11

I wanted to get another post out a bit earlier, but I soon realized that I couldn’t because of what was in store for Day 11.


Organic Mother’s Little Helper!

Ingredients: Organic: peppermint, lemongrass, hibiscus**, rosehips, chamomile, valerian root, cornflowers, peppermint flavouring*.

On their website, they note that valerian root is “Nature’s valium,” which means that this tea is going to relax you until you’re roughly a puddle of goo. This human-to-goo transformation isn’t good during the day when you still need to get work done, so I saved it for after dinner.

It turns a lovely cedar colour when it’s steeped that’s really quite welcoming. It smells like mint, hibiscus and rosehips, so it really draws you into your mug.

David's Tea Organic Mother's Little Helper

The mint flavour comes out right away and lingers on the back of your throat, much like a mint candy or a losenge. It’s a little tart from the hibiscus and lemongrass, and there’s only a slight earthiness from the flowers.

Does it work as a mild sedative at the end of the day? Ohhhhhh, YEAH. I may be falling asleep soon…



DAVIDsTEA Advent Calendar 2014 – Day 8

I haven’t been able to get pictures of the actual sample tins of the new ones, so that’s why I didn’t post yesterday. But, I did manage to get to taste some tea!

So what was for Day 8? Well, it was…

Cocomint Cream!

From the DAVIDsTEA website

Ingredients: Apple, coconut, sweet blackberry leaves, peppermint, spearmint, natural coconut flavouring*.

The colouring was very similar to most other teas, giving off a clear, dark amber colour. It was a little bit less red, but it’s nothing too crazy!

I’m actually pretty surprised that they put two coconut-based teas only a day apart in the Advent Calendar. I’m not the most familiar with DAVIDsTEA’s selections, so maybe they have a lot of coconut-based teas in general?

The tea’s balance is pretty nice! I could taste all of the different flavours separately, but there was a little bitterness in the background from the boiling water that I used. I think the blackberry leaves got a bit burnt! (Oops. It turns out that I’m a pretty terrible tea maker!)

Cocomint Cream’s texture reminds me of Coco Chai Rooibos where the coconut oils are pretty obvious, but I feel like Cocomint’s profile is more balanced since mint cuts the richness from the coconut.

I’m starting to realize that I prefer spiced or “savoury” teas over the fruitier ones… Hmmmm.

I’ll also update the post with proper pictures once my nose stops leaking bodily fluids.

I wonder what’s in store for Day 9!



DAVIDsTEA Advent Calendar 2014 – Day 6

You probably thought that I missed Day 6, didn’t you? Absolutely not!

It’s actually…

Coco Chai Rooibos!

Ingredients: Organic Rooibos**, cinnamon, ginger, coconut flakes, cloves, pink peppercorns, cardamom, natural and artificial flavouring*.

Today, I drank the English Breakfast first because I knew that Coco Chai Rooibos is a completely herbal, caffeine free tea so it (theoretically) wouldn’t keep me up all night!

So, I saved the tea for when I got home today and it smells deliciously spiced with a hint of something tropical that I couldn’t quite put my finger on what that flavour was. It turns out that it’s the coconut flakes!

I usually don’t have coconut, so I couldn’t identify it right away, but the coconut scent and flavour comes out really well when you go to take a sip!

The Coco Chai Rooibos really showcases all the spices and the coconut, but I can’t help but think that the coconut changes the texture of the tea a bit too much because of its natural fats.

I’m almost caught up! Check back tomorrow for Day 8 and 9!



DAVIDsTEA Advent Calendar 2014 – Day 4

My posts are finally here! I’ve been ultra busy with Christmas preparations, having the Monsieur meet my parents for the first time and generally feeling kind of blah from what I suspect is too much work and burning out.

But, at least I have some delicious tea to help me relax!

Here’s Day 4 of DAVIDsTEA’s Advent Calendar…

Pink Flamingo!

Ingredients: Hibiscus blossoms, apple pieces, carrot flakes, blackberry leaves, eucalyptus leaves, lemongrass, beetroot pieces, freeze-dried tangerine/orange slices and artificial flavouring*.

Yeah, I know my pictures aren’t quite as good as they usually are today, but I had to take my pictures at night and I don’t have a good lighting setup anywhere in the house.

Pink Flamingo sounds delicious! Hibiscus, apple, orange slices… The ingredients sound really good and it’s even a herbal tea for a nice relaxing cup of tea at night.

It even turns a nice shade of pink like Forever Nuts on Day 1 because of the beetroot pieces. But, I was really disappointed by the lack of aroma and a really unexpected flavour profile!

It doesn’t smell like much and I think the blackberry and eucalyptus leaves overpower the delicate hibiscus and fruit pieces in this particular combination. For a tea that looks so vibrant and exciting, it lacks a certain punch that I was expecting.

Let’s hope that Day 5 is better… (Trust me, it is.)



3 Teas – Organic Roman Rooibos

Okay, so I forgot my DAVIDsTEA advent calendar samples today so I went back to my usual tea for lunch.

3 Teas’ Organic Roman Rooibos!

3 Teas Organic Roman Rooibos

Ingredients: Rooibos, Rosehip, Rose petals, Lavender blossoms, Currants, Elderberries, Natural flavours

I’m starting to wonder if it’s standard practice in the tea industry to put in additional flavouring. If it is, I wonder if it’s to extend its shelf life and freshness?

Anyway, I bought this tin earlier in the year at a food show and it’s a wonderful, super flavourful and caffeineless tea to have in the afternoon! It eventually turns into a dark, rusty red and has a robust, herbal flavour.

3 Teas Organic Roman Rooibos

It smells strongly of berries from the currants and elderberries, but it’s not sweet at all! It also holds up really well for a second steep and it’s actually quite refreshing in the cold winter.

Do you have a favourite go-to tea for the afternoons?