Oasis Zoo Run 2014

I took part in the Oasis Zoo Run’s 5K Walk this year and it took place on September 20 within the Toronto Zoo!

Oasis Zoo Run 2014

And yes, that meant that Chris and I did the Walk through the Zoo! How awesome is that?!

We got there pretty early at around 8:50am to pick up our race package and get to the starting point, which actually went over pretty smoothly. There weren’t any major hold ups and the directions were fairly clear although everything seemed to have been delayed by about 15 minutes from the 10K race starting later than anticipated.

Watching the 10K runners pass by in the morning.

Watching the 10K runners pass by in the morning.

The last time I went to the Toronto Zoo was during a field trip for an Ecology course in university, and we were mostly focused on getting enough data for an assignment for me to remember much. Also, the Zoo was under some renovation in some areas during that time and I hadn’t been back since!

The planned route was carefully laid out and barricaded from public visitors so the participants would be able to go through the course with minimal disturbances.

We all started in corrals separated by colours. When I signed up with Chris, I wasn’t sure how long I would take so I put in the maximum amount of time at 1h30m and got placed in the Purple Corral with Chris. We were in the last group to start!

Running Shoes

I used these shoes for the run – New Balance Minimus WT1010v2. Love them!

Well… The last group in the 5K section, at least. The run also has a separate run for kids called the Cub Run, which started right after ours and had a much shorter distance for the kiddies to go.

Although, I was extremely impressed that there were a lot of young kids doing the 5K with their parents and I even saw a few who did the 10K run when they passed us on the routes!

For some reason, I expected the route to be a bit more… flat. It turned out to have a bunch hills, including one that felt like it had a 30 degree incline that we had to go up and down on the 3rd kilometer!

Courtesy of Canada Running Series

Chris and I walked the whole course together and I finished it in 49:34.4! Considering that we only jogged the first maybe 100m to get a good spot on the track, that’s a pretty good walking speed of 6km/h.

That’s faster than the Gardiner Expressway during rush hour! (Ba-dum-tsh)

After the run and some lunch, we went exploring the zoo and visited the giant pandas, polar bears, and the wolves before absolutely calling it a day.

Toronto Zoo Panda Toronto Zoo Panda Toronto Zoo Tiger Toronto Zoo Giraffe

Even though we didn’t do any actual running, finishing a 5K event has really inspired me to at least try to increase my fitness endurance over the next year so I can actually run for the majority of the route!

Right now, I’m not sure what sort of fitness plan I’ll try to follow, but it’s definitely something I’ll be looking into this season.

How do you train for marathons? Have you ever tried? I’d love to hear about your experiences!



Sleeping Habits (aka, Stress is Keeping Me Awake)

I haven’t been sleeping well lately.

I’ve got puffy bags under my eyes, I’m falling asleep at my desk and I feel like I may fall apart from all the mysterious aches I’m getting from restless sleep.

I don’t have any human kids to keep me up at night, but I do have 2 cats that are my fur-covered babies. One of them decided that he REALLY needed my affection at around 3am this morning, so that was fun. (Not really.)

But, I think the major sources of sleep deprivation are coffee and stress.

Work’s been kind of rough with the latest production batch and the new branding, and I find myself drinking 2-3 cups of coffee per day. I’m not used to that amount of stress and caffeine, so I’m going to bed anxious, tense and generally unable to calm myself down.

I’ve also recently started being intimate with the monsieur. This normally wouldn’t be a source of stress for most women, but my cycles are at least a week longer than the average and I usually can’t predict a hard date for when my period will start. So, being stressed out already, I quietly freak out in my mind at the mere possibility of being pregnant.

Usually, some sort of hard physical activity like a good parkour session does the trick to exhaust myself, but it’s not a really wise idea to be jumping on hard surfaces a few feet in the air when you’re not fully mentally aware. I like my bones and skin intact, you know?

Ugh, I’m in desperate need a vacation. Or a spa day. Either one is fine.

What do you do to really get your mind off of things?



Parkour Clothes – A little advice

Okay, so the TIFF movie reviews are taking longer than I thought it would… In the meantime, look at what I got today!

Training Pants


New training pants!

Last week, I went to my parkour lesson and I, for some strange, strange reason, decided to wear some casual khaki capris. It was raining and kind of cool, so I figured why not wear these non-denim pants and go training in them.

Turns out, that it was a pretty stupid idea for a female parkour-er.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this or not, but women’s pants tend to be a little tighter than men’s around the hips. Can you guess what needs the most range of motion in parkour? THE HIPS.

I tried to jump onto a vault without using my hands, but because I’m still kind of inexperienced with jumping that high and because I quickly found out that I couldn’t lift my leg up high enough for me to get the height I needed because my pants were too tight around my hips and upper thighs.

I won’t tell you how badly I wiped out on the gym mat. (At least I didn’t smash my face into the vault in front of me, I’ll tell you that much!)

Anyway, my parkour tip for today: Wear VERY comfortable and NON-RESTRICTING clothes. Ladies, invest in a good pair of training pants, shorts and a sports bra that’ll lock those girls in! And, don’t be a smartass and think that you can get away with mainstream casual wear. It’ll come back to bite you in the butt. (Or worse. My shin will tell you about it.)