Nerd Block – February 2014

I got my NerdBlock today! Woooo!

As you might be able to tell, NerdBlock is a monthly subscription box that’s dedicated to all things nerd/geek in mainstream culture for $19.99 (before tax). It’s purely Canadian and each month includes a featured tshirt design made by ShirtPunch.

If you know a small nerdling human between the ages of 6 and 11 that would love to get a monthly box, they’ve just released Nerd Block Jr. that’s available in boy and girl versions, too!

Here’s what they put into the February box…

Nerd Block February 2014

This month, they put in 7 items! They didn’t include a card of any sort, so I don’t know where you might be able to find them if you’d want to pick up another one or if you want to know about the companies.

ShirtPunch Tshirt: Metroid! In block form! Loving it!

Nerd Block February 2014

Halo ActionClix: Red Spartan Battle Pack – WizKids

It’s apparently part of a tabletop game, but it doesn’t say anywhere on the package that it’s actually meant to be played like that. Even after opening it up and looking at the cards, I gave up and had to check out the website listed on the back to check it out. It seems like a pretty interesting tabletop game, but I don’t have the time or energy to invest in something like this.

But, the detailing they put into the figures is amaaaaaaaaazing. I don’t expect anything less from WizKids/Neca! Even though I don’t think I’ll really get into it, they’ll make for some fun decoration!

Playful Gorilla presents The 80’s – GelaSkins for Smartphones

They’re so cute! I love them! But they’re so not gonna go on my phone. Optimus Prime will make his home on my laptop.

E.T. Foil Collectible

I like blind boxes and foil collectibles, but I’m not a fan of E.T. The detailing on the mini figurine is pretty good, but I can’t really say I like it enough to keep it around for very long. Sorry, bud.

Nerd Block February 2014

The Wolverine Mini Mates 2 Pack – Wolverine (Street Fight) and Shingen Yashida

I actually haven’t seen this movie yet! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! But I have to say that they perfectly captured Hugh Jackman’s rage face, chest hair and cheese-grating abs here. I love it.

The Smurfs Tag-athon!

Smurfs is nerdy? Really? And, it’s another game piece of a game that I won’t play. It’s actually geared towards a much younger demographic, so I’ll be donating this to a small human related to me pretty soon.

Avengers Squishy Thing – Hawkeye

I threw out the packaging before I really got a look at the brand! Oops!

I’m fairly sure this is supposed to be comic book Hawkeye instead of movieverse Hawkeye, but it doesn’t make it any less creepy. But, it’s nice and squishy and it won’t hurt if it gets thrown at you, so it’s coming with me to work!

Of course, it’s the way of the universe that I get the comic book archer. Of course.

Update: It doubles as an excellent cat toy.

Verdict: Ehhh. I like getting the tshirts, the Wolverine and Halo figurines, but I’m not overly wowed by the box at $30 after tax and such. I’ll see after March if I’ll continue, but I might just keep an eye on ShirtPunch for awesome shirts.

Want in on the nerdism? Sign up for a box here! Does your small nerdling want their own too? Check out Nerd Block Jr.!