How Customer Service Affects Purchasing

I finally managed to fully use up some of my makeup!


I bought that Eyeko eye liner back in late July 2014 and I’ve been using it almost every day! It’s taken about 5 months for me to use it all up, which isn’t a bad rate of consumption at all.

Whether or not that was good in terms of personal hygiene is a different story!

I can’t really remember when I bought that Maybelline Lash Stiletto waterproof mascara, but I’ll have to say that it’s a really good mascara for short eyelashes like mine. The formula’s nothing special, but the tapered brush wand really made a difference catching each of my tiny lashes.

So, I went out to get some new replacements. After learning that Sephora was sold out of the Eyeko eyeliner across the whole store, I wanted to see if I could find a suitable replacement at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Once I was there, I decided against a couple of the low-tier brands since the price differences for the Maybelline and Revlon cosmetics compared to the higher tier cosmetics wasn’t too terrible in my opinion. So, I picked up a Stila Liquid Eyeliner and got into the line at the Beauty Boutique section.

Both cashiers were busy with their respective clients and they kept talking… and talking… and talking. I’m usually a patient person, but each of them had glanced at me and another guy waiting to check out at least twice and neither of them said anything! Not even the standard, “I’m so sorry, we’ll be right with you in a moment!”

So I kept waiting and, when the first customer was finally finished, the cashier waved down a different customer who wasn’t even waiting in line and said to her, “Oh, I’ll take you first since you have cosmetics.”

EXCUSE ME?! I know I often look like I’m still in school, especially in the winter with my poofy coat, laptop backpack and salt-crusted snow boots, but seriously? You should never assume a person by their looks. I was in line to buy a $26 eyeliner, but I guess that cashier thought I wasn’t a priority!

Chris said, loudly enough for the cashiers to hear, “You’re better off supporting Sephora at this point.”

I agreed, put the eyeliner down back in shelves and walked out to stunned silence.

Chris and I went back to Sephora, where I asked for help from Natalie about the waterproof mascaras offered by Sephora. Even though she’s a part-time employee, she was extremely helpful in pointing me towards the best starting places to check out mascaras and she paged for a consultant to help me out.

All the consultants were busy, so Chris helped me pick out these!

Tarte Mascara and Eyeliner

Apologies for the really bad picture taking…

Natalie even helped me check out and apologized so nicely for the consultants being tied up with other customers. I would definitely come back just for her!

These would be Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes Precision Eyeliner and Lights, Camera, Splashes Waterproof Mascara!

Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes Precision Eyeliner – $24 for 1mL

The liquid eyeliner tip is thinner than Eyeko’s, but it’s still stiffer than Maybelline’s liquid eyeliner that I keep at the Monsieur’s. The best thing is that the formula lasts throughout the entire day and stays super dark!

Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Splashes Waterproof Mascara – $24 for 7mL

I’m still getting used to the mascara brush since the Stiletto bristles were stiffer and had a different shape. The waterproof mascara itself works fine, but I find it a little too watery right now even though it tends to clump slightly when I put it on.

(I still have no idea how people can get such luscious lashes without falsies…)

I doubt I’ll ever buy cosmetics from the Shoppers Drug Mart at the Toronto Eaton Centre ever again, but the one near my house is always friendly!



Workout Makeup Routine

I know, this seriously sounds like an oxymoron. If you’re working out, why bother with makeup when you’re going to be sweating like a pig anyway?

But, I’ve learned in the past few months that it’s a hell of a lot easier to go between working out to the rest of the day without having to stop and make sure I still look presentable to the adult world.

With that in mind, I set out to find the ultimate makeup routine that would stay put all day, makes me look somewhat like an adult and won’t end up making me look like a Picasso after some training.

Workout Makeup

Eye Primer – This is an absolute must! Without it, all your eyeshadow will wear off within minutes of any sort of workout. Plus, it helps keep your eyeshadow even and vivid, even if you don’t have a defined eye fold!

My pick: Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance Eye Primer ($23CAD)


Eyeshadow – I usually pick a shimmery neutral that goes well with most occasions, but this is where your personality will shine! I found that one layer does best for some reason.

My pick: Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow in Chopper ($22CAD)


Eyebrows – I would say that this is completely optional since well-shaped eyebrows don’t need much to look fabulous. But, if you have patchy, thin or scraggly eyebrows (like me), it’s best to fill in the lines with a wax-based eyebrow filler so it doesn’t wash off with sweat.

My pick: Benefit’s Browzings in Dark ($36CAD)


Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner – This is KEY to keep your look throughout a good workout. Other eyeliners like kohl and pencil eyeliners will smudge beautifully for a smokey look, but they will melt down your face the second you start your workout.

Most high-end liquid eyeliners dry really quickly and don’t budge no matter how much you rub it! The only detail that you need to make sure is that it’s waterproof.

My pick: Eyeko’s Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner ($22CAD)


Waterproof Mascara – What’s worse than coming out from a great workout, feeling fantastic and then finding out that you look like you got socked in the eyes? (You might have if you’re in an MMA tournament, but that’s a little different.) Waterproof mascara not only helps keep you looking good if you’re jogging in the rain, but it also works against mild sweating.

Don’t forget to curl your lashes before you put mascara on!

My pick: Maybelline’s Lash Stiletto Waterproof Mascara ($10CAD)

*Note: The website’s picture is wrong. It looks like the washable Lash Stiletto tube but with “waterproof” written on it.

I don’t use foundation or concealer every day so that doesn’t change my usual makeup routine. If you do use foundation and concealer and want to work out with it on, you may end up with more breakouts since they’re specifically for smoothing out complexion over your own skin and pores. Once you add in sweat, it’s almost a sure fire way to aggravate your skin!

Using this combination, I went outdoor parkour training at Cloud Gardens when it started to lightly rain in the hot, humid afternoon. I was so surprised to see that my makeup hadn’t moved too much after 3 hours!

Do you wear makeup to your workouts? If you do, what do you use? More importantly, what do you do to recover?



Topbox – July 2014

Canada Post was crazy fast this month! I got my shipping notification after work and my Topbox was waiting for me when I got home the next day!

I can’t say the same for me, though… The August wishlist just came out and I’m still finishing this review! Oops. I randomly picked off some choices, but I also picked the regular box, so it’ll be fun to see what I get next month.

This month, I wished for a Benefit Prive Box and actually got it! Whoa. I also grabbed a $10 add-on.

What is it?

Topbox is a Canadian monthly beauty box subscription that features 4 deluxe samples for $12 per month, shipped right to your door via Canada Post. Some months even include full sized products! Keep in mind that they do have a waitlist of about 2-3 months from initial sign-up before you start your subscription!

Let’s see what’s in the July Benefit Topbox!

Topbox July 2014

They’re pretty small samples, but I’ve noticed that Benefit’s really scaled back their sample sizes in the past year or so. I do like how there’s almost a whole makeover kit in my box this month!

I kind of lost the listing card, though! Sorry!

Topbox July 2014Benefit’s They’re Real! Mascara – $23 for 8.5g ($8.12 for 3.0g sample)

The They’re Real! Mascara is probably their most well known product on the market aside from the Porefessional and Benetint lip and cheek stain.

Everyone from their next door neighbour to their grandma raves about this mascara but I actually don’t like it! I know, it’s so strange! I think the wand bristles are too stiff for my spindly little eyelashes and I always end up poking myself in the eye. The formula doesn’t seem to be anything remarkably special, either.

Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray Dual Primer – $26 for 10.0mL ($6.50 for 2.5mL)

It’s a good thing that they sent out medium/dark shades because I’m definitely not pale!

I never had a problem with my Too Faced eyeshadow primer, but I do want to see how dark this shade is and if it’ll work with my melt-prone concealer. It looks shimmery in the picture, but it’s actually completely matte!

Topbox July 2014

Benefit’s They’re Real! Push Up Liner – $24 for 1.4g ($1.71 for 0.1g sample)

I actually thought for a split second that they sent us a Benefit-branded tampon! Oh gosh.

They probably put it in the sleeve wrapping because the actual sample is super thin and doesn’t fit in the paper wrapping at all! I’m not a fan of extraneous packaging, so the tampon packing inside a cardboard boxette seemed completely useless to me.

So, apparently, this doesn’t even use the same type of push-up method as the full sized product and you have to squeeze the tubing to get the gel out and apply it to your lash line like that.

I tried it out on my hand and I gotta say… I am so not impressed. The gel is super thick and heavy and, since a tiny bit goes a very long way, it’s VERY easy to get panda eyes if you’re not careful with the Push-Up Liner. At least it really stays put!

The plastic tip is absolutely brilliant for doing a wingtip, though! Too bad the formula reminds me of the old charcoal pencils I used in art class.

Benefit’s They’re Real! Makeup Remover – $18 for 50.0mL ($2.70 for 7.5mL)

If you can’t tell, I’ve already used some of it before I got a chance to do this review.

The makeup remover itself is a little creamy and gel-like, which was a little strange for me since I always use a solution or a dual-phase! But, I really like this one because it’s so effective and took off my waterproof mascara and liquid eyeliner without any problems AT ALL.

The only thing is that I don’t like using makeup remover just for eyes anymore, so I hope Benefit comes out with a similar formula for the whole face!

Topbox July 2014

Teeez Desert Lush Lipstick in Red Onyx

I have NO idea where you might be able to get this in Canada! It’s a European company based in the Netherlands and it’s pretty damn awesome. The packaging is so eye catching!

The lipstick is so creamy and it’s even vegan (as far as I can tell from their claims and glancing over the ingredient) with SPF10!

It’s super sheer, so it’s great for a milder look or for everyday wear, but I can definitely see that it’ll be outstanding with a bit of matte lip liner underneath for evening!

Teeez Lipstick Red Onyx

Verdict: 4/5 – I finally got a prive box! Yay! But, I don’t like two of the samples Benefit chose to put in and the other two were either meh or AMAZING. The add-on was really nice for me and I would definitely try my luck with another one soon!

Did you get the July Topbox? What did you think of it?