February 2014 Tasting Box by Foodie Pages

I got my Tasting Box today! What I love about the Tasting Box is that it features Canadian small business artisans that I normally wouldn’t know about! All of the products are available on the Foodie Pages e-marketplace for easy shopping.

Tasting Box February 2014

Here’s what’s inside!

Cocolico’s Salted Butter Caramels – Vancouver, BC (sample of 4 – approx. $3.60)

Cost: $9 for 100g/3.5oz

I’m not sure how many are in a full size, but the picture they used on Foodie Pages looks like there’s 10 in a 100g box, so I took a calculated guess from there.

I used to work for a salted caramel company for a summer and I have to admit that I missed them a lot! Unlike the ones I worked with, Cocolico mixed the salt into the caramel so you get that delicious sweet/savoury taste through the whole candy. It’s so decadently soft that I may have to hide these for a treat before someone else steals them…

Bonus: All natural ingredients AND the cream’s from local BC farmers!

Tasting Box February 2014

Bix Bakery’s Lemon Pizzelle Cookies – Toronto, ON (Full size)

Cost: $17.95 for 3 full sized cookies

It’s allergen free! Woo! I’m not allergic to anything food-wise, but it’s great to see more products that try to accommodate those with food allergies or sensitivities.

But $17.95 for 3 cookies seems a bit steep for me, especially since said cookies have to come to me by mail in various sized pieces, like they did now. Thank god Bix Bakery’s in Toronto so I can make a visit there!

For the cookie itself, it’s really light, fluffy and airy with a great lemony taste to it. It’s just a tiny bit grainy to the chew from the rice flour, but I don’t mind it.

Dave’s Roasted Garlic Hot Pepper Jelly – Invermere, BC (45mL – approx. $1.65)

Cost: $7 for 190mL / $42 for 6-pack

This stuff smells great! It actually reminds me of a really good salsa with a ton of garlic and jalapeno. Too bad I don’t have any tortilla chips in the pantry…

Even though it’s a sweet jelly, the savoury notes from the roasted garlic comes in right after the sweetness and the spicy peppers just jump on your tastebuds right after that! The card says that it makes a great glaze for barbecued ribs, so that’s a great excuse for me to roast off some ribs soon.

Tasting Box February 2014

Full of Beans’ Deluxe Kitchen Sink Soup Mix – Bornholm, ON (250g – $2.50)

Cost: $5 for 500g

This generous sample alone makes makes 7 servings of 8oz., so I can only imagine how much soup the regular size makes! I’ll be making some baked bean stew tomorrow to see how this turns out.

Tasting Box February 2014

Urge Chocolates’ Oranji Dark Chocolate Bar – Burnaby, BC (60g – Full Size)

Cost: $5 for 60g

I usually don’t like flavoured chocolate. For me, if I’m craving chocolate, I want it to be dark, simple and preferably in fudge form.

But this chocolate? Oh. My. God.

The orange flavour is so fresh and inviting, like that first scrape of orange zest in the summer, and it pairs up so beautifully with the goji berries embedded right in the dark chocolate, which is already sooooo silky and just bitter enough for all the flavours to have a party. I will definitely be buying more of this once I finish this pocket bar!

PS – I love the packaging!

Verdict: I love, love, LOVE this box! My favourite has to be Urge Chocolate’s Oranji Dark Chocolate Bar, but everything that I could taste so far is so delicious that it’s well worth the cost. I paid $25 and got $30 worth of products, so that’s always a bonus!

Did you get one? What did you think of the box?

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Note: I am not paid by Foodie Pages or any of the companies mentioned in this post for this review. All opinions and views are mine.