Tasting Box – March 2014

It’s the time of the month where I’m getting a ton of goodies in the mail! Yay! Christmas all over again! (The weather here agrees with me. Seriously, when is it going to get warm?!)

Anyway, The March Tasting Box!

Tasting Box March 2014

What is it?

Tasting is believing! The TASTING BOX includes 5 scrumptious tastes to enjoy, made by our favourite Canadian small batch food artisans and delivered directly to your door – a different box each month.  The TASTING BOX is the perfect opportunity to discover and sample the culinary talents right in our own backyard!  Only 50 TASTING BOXES are available each month, so order yours today!

They’ve recently changed their shipping policies for the Tasting Box so it’s now $14.95+shipping instead of including the shipping in the price. I live in Toronto and they ship from Ottawa, so I don’t have a problem with that since it’s a bit cheaper for me than it was before!

Let’s take a closer look at what’s inside.

Tasting Box March 2014

Ferme Guy Rivest’s Strawberry Wine Jelly – Rawdon, QC (Full Size 140mL – $3)

This is a really nice jelly! You can absolutely tell that it’s made out of strawberry WINE, so if that’s not your thing, you might not like it too much.

It only has 3 ingredients: strawberry wine, sugar and natural pectin. It’s super hard to find a good jelly that has so few understandable ingredients although I’m sure the strawberry wine has something else in it since it takes a bit more to ferment it.

But for some reason, I think it’s a little too much on the liquidy side. Maybe it’s because it had to go through some pretty polarizing temperatures as it went through Canada Post?

Carolina’s Box of Goodness’ Artisan Dulce de Leche Brownie – Ottawa, ON (1 square, approx. $2.15)

I don’t know if you know this, but I love brownies yet I’m not a huge fan of chocolate brownies! I might’ve only had fudge up to now, but I don’t know why I prefer blondies instead! (Note: I like blond and brown hair on my men, I don’t discriminate! 😉 )

It’s so soft that it literally melts in your mouth and absolutely delectable! My square had a little bit of sugar crystallization in it so it didn’t have a completely even texture, but it shows that it’s handmade. Personally, I would’ve preferred it to be a little more firm, but I’m not going to argue with French dessert traditions!

Tasting Box March 2014

JBars All Natural Protein Snack – Toronto, ON (2 full sized bars in Lemon and Cocoa, $12 for a pack of 3)

These were supposed to be samples, but Anne-Marie was a darling and gave me the full sized bars! What a sweetie!

I love how JBars packaged them into clear, resealable plastic baggies. I get so frustrated at the traditional sleeve packaging even though I know that it’s a lot cheaper! The resealable function is great for keeping the freshness and they do mention to keep it in the fridge if you need to!

I tried the cocoa one and the cocoa flavour is pretty balanced even though I found it slightly bland. (But that could be because I ate the brownie first. Oops!) But, even though I had the brownie first, I could really taste the toasted quinoa! I found that the texture soft, but almost too crumbly for a protein bar.

Tasting Box March 2014

Dad’s Westcoast Awesome Sauces’ Wildfire Awesome Sauce – Mill Bay, BC (40mL – $1.44)

This hot sauce is indeed an Awesome Sauce! It’s super spicy, packed full of flavours like jalapeno, bell peppers, cumin, garlic, bird’s eye chili, sugar and jarred with the cutest two kittens ever on the front.

I anticipate this tiny jar to be finished very soon after a few dinners.

Kricklewood Farm’s Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil – Frankville, ON (100mL- $2.80)

I haven’t opened this yet to try it out, but I’ve never used sunflower oil before and this seems like the perfect time to try it out! I’ll have to make up a new recipe for this… 😉

Verdict: It wasn’t as great as the February Tasting Box, but March had some good offerings! I definitely enjoyed the Brownie and the Wildfire Awesome Sauce, but the weather must have wreaked a little havoc on the Strawberry Wine Jelly! I’m looking forward to see what April’s offerings are!

Did you get a Tasting Box? What did you think about these products?

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Note: I am not paid by Foodie Pages or any of the companies mentioned in this post for this review. All opinions and views are mine.