Little Life Box – May 2014

My first Little Life Box! Yay!

Little Life Box

What Is It?

Also known as Petite Boîte à Vie, the Little Life Box is a monthly healthy lifestyle subscription box that ships from Quebec, Canada. Each box starts at $19.99 and ships anywhere in Canada for $3.75! Each box will feature healthy and natural products for you to try and Little Life Box will feature some brands on their site to purchase full size products.

I had heard of Le Petite Boîte à Vie before the holidays, but I wasn’t exactly in good financial shape to buy another subscription box at that time! (Holiday shopping, amirite?)

As the reviews started coming in each month about it, I saw that it’s very well curated and packed full of healthy goodies! The price is pretty good for the value of the contents and they do offer prepaid 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions.

It’s also frickin’ adorable, don’t you think?

Little Life Box May 2014

Look how much stuff I got! I felt like I was digging through Hermione’s infinite bag because it was packed layer upon layer!

It didn’t come with a product card, so I’m not sure what the full size retail prices are for some of the samples they’ve sent out. I’m also far too lazy to investigate thoroughly, so you’ll definitely see some with prices and others without.

Little Life Box May 2014Ener-C Effervescent Powdered Drink Mix in Lemon Lime, Orange and Cranberry (1 packet each) – $22.99 MSRP for 30 packets

I’ve seen these packets around, but I’m actually at a loss of where I’ve seen them! I want to say somewhere like Bulk Barn or the GNC health food stores, but don’t quote me on that. I’m sure that fitness related places would carry them.

One packet contains 1,000mg of vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid! The great thing about vitamin C is that you literally can’t overdose on it and ascorbic acid is the fancy science name for it. Once your body’s absorbed enough of the stuff, it comes right out in your urine! Can’t wait to try it and fight this cold that’s creeping up on me!

OneCoffee Sumantran K-Cups (2 pods)

So it took me about 3 days to figure out that these things are K-Cup pods. I don’t own a Keurig or any sort of those single-serve coffee machines because I don’t like the waste that those things generate. Not to mention, I make a hell of a good cup of coffee on my own.

However, OneCoffee is trying to promote a greener lifestyle with the Keurig machines by making 90% biodegradable pods! The grinds are even fair-trade and organic certified, so that means I’ll probably end up ripping them open and using the grinds in my espresso machine!

Brad King’s Ultimate Calorie Burn (90 capsules) – $39.95 Full Size

I never really felt the need for fitness pills because I’m very active, lean and I still eat like a pig. So, this product is pretty much useless to me even though it claims to temporarily boost concentration.

I checked the back and the main active ingredients that Mr. King contributes to faster calorie burning are 80% cocoa extract with 8% caffeine, some capsicum extract, and some black pepper extract. All of these things do one thing: they increase heart rate and induce a faint “flight-or-fight” response, which does temporarily heighten mental acuity and memory.

… But, I get the feeling that the same could be achieved with a cup of coffee and some spicy noodles.

(I’d rather have the coffee and noodles.)

Little Life Box May 2014

Natur-a Organic Soy Beverage in Cappucino – 200mL Lunchbox Mini

I love this drink! I’ve had their almond milk a lot, but I’d never tried their organic soy milk yet and I was not disappointed at all!

I’m not too sure what they’re priced at, but I’ve seen the Natur-a brand in all the major supermarkets!

GoGo Quinoa’s Quinoa Choco-Puffs (cocoa) (1 bowl sample) – $8 special for 450g

I haven’t tried this yet, but it looks really delicious. I’m starting to prefer puffed cereals and granola snacks over some heavier things, but I’m a bit worried that it’s too bitter for my liking since quinoa can be a little bitter and it uses cocoa powder.

Bonus points: it’s all organic ingredients!

Maison Orphée’s Unrefined Toasted Sesame Oil (50mL sample) – $9.99 for 500mL

I’ve never even thought about unrefined sesame oil until I opened the box and took a look at it!

Sesame oil has a much lower smoke point than other oils like canola and sunflower oils and it’s much more flavourful as well. That’s why you usually use sesame oil as a finisher or in salad dressing.

I am so planning on using this in a summery but spicy avocado and noodle salad dish!

Deep River Snacks’ Kettle Cooked Potato Chips in Original Salted (not in picture above, 28g bag) – $34.99USD for 80 small bags

These are made in the US in small batches to preserve quality and flavour.

It’s hard to mess up 3 ingredients, I’ll just say that! They’re absolutely delicious, but I don’t think I’m going to be buying that much anytime soon!

Little Life Box May 2014


Mighty Leaf Tea’s Tea Pouches in Organic Spring Jasmine, Organic Breakfast and Organic African Nectar

Okay, there’s 3 little pouches inside that little pillow box and it’s absolutely adorable. I opened the pillow box way after this picture was taken and it’s far too dark for me to get a decent photo now!

Each of the pouches comes with its own brew time and the majority of the ingredients are organic as well! The pouches themselves are so soft and silken that it’s so luxurious to use.

I wish I could go into more detail, but their website has a great deal more information than I can fit into one post!

Camino Fine Chocolates – 12 assorted chocolates (full sized) $14.99

Camino’s a Canadian company dedicated to fair trade and organic products. They’re also pretty high end without having to go into a specialty chocolate shop! I’ve had their chocolates before and they’re really good and not too sweet.

This particular box has four flavours:

  1. Sea salt & caramel
  2. Espresso
  3. Orange & caramel
  4. Mint cream

I have no idea how this box is still unopened at the time of writing this blog post.

Sow Good’s 2-in-1 Natural Face & Body Polish (10mL sample) – $17.99 for 500mL

Not gonna lie… This both intrigues and confuses me. How does one polish your face and body?

It turns out that this is a gentle face and body exfoliator! Ohhhhhhhhh!

Even though it’s got a bunch of ingredients that I really have no idea what the hell they are, it’s been approved by the Natural Products Association. It apparently has a bunch of bamboo fibres inside to help exfoliate for better moisturizer retention.

It does work pretty well, too! I’m tempted to try and find it in Toronto for this Quebecois brand, but I may be too lazy to go searching… Or, I could ask the Monsieur to find me some the next time he visits his family in Quebec…

Palmetto Derma Coupon Code

Palmetto Derma is a skin care company that’s certified organic, paraben and sulfate free, 97.5% or more natural, tested only on humans and FDA approved! It offers a range of anti-aging products.

The coupon code is “LLB1” for 40% of the entire purchase!

Little Life Box May 2014Unfortunately, these two products came broken during transit!

Efffi gold Exclusive – $74.99 full sized

Its active ingredient is apparently made from synthetic snake venom, which I’m still not sure if I’ll ever be comfortable slathering on my face even if it’s enriched with jojoba oil, avocado oil and whatever hyaluronic acid is.

It originally comes from the Czech Republic, but if you’re interested, check out for Canadian orders.

Pure-Le Liquid Greens in Mint (45mL sample)

The Pure-Le website is a terror to try and navigate, so I can’t tell how big the full sized product is or how much it costs! Since it warns me not to use it if the seal is broken, I’m not going to try it.

Little Life Box May 2014The bottle doesn’t actually tell me what it’s good for besides as a deodorant, even though it tells me to add 1tbsp of this chlorophyll to water 2 times daily.

Does it make my insides smell nice or something? I’m thoroughly confused…


I contacted Little Life Box about the broken products and Joseph replied very quickly with a personal promo code for me to use for a monthly subscription! I’m definitely going to be using it!

Verdict: 4.5/5!   I’m really impressed with this box! The value is definitely there and I know I’m going to be eating most of it! Of course, I’m a little sad that a couple of the products broke in the mail, but the great customer service more than made up for it. This may very well turn into my go-to subscription box soon!

Did you get a Little Life Box? What did you think of it this month?