DAVIDsTEA Advent Calendar 2014 – Day 11

I wanted to get another post out a bit earlier, but I soon realized that I couldn’t because of what was in store for Day 11.


Organic Mother’s Little Helper!

Ingredients: Organic: peppermint, lemongrass, hibiscus**, rosehips, chamomile, valerian root, cornflowers, peppermint flavouring*.

On their website, they note that valerian root is “Nature’s valium,” which means that this tea is going to relax you until you’re roughly a puddle of goo. This human-to-goo transformation isn’t good during the day when you still need to get work done, so I saved it for after dinner.

It turns a lovely cedar colour when it’s steeped that’s really quite welcoming. It smells like mint, hibiscus and rosehips, so it really draws you into your mug.

David's Tea Organic Mother's Little Helper

The mint flavour comes out right away and lingers on the back of your throat, much like a mint candy or a losenge. It’s a little tart from the hibiscus and lemongrass, and there’s only a slight earthiness from the flowers.

Does it work as a mild sedative at the end of the day? Ohhhhhh, YEAH. I may be falling asleep soon…



DAVIDsTEA Advent Calendar 2014 – Day 1

I finally cracked open the Advent Calendar and the first one is…

Forever Nuts!

David's Tea Forever Nuts

Ingredients: Apple, almonds, cinnamon, beetroot and artificial flavouring*

The apple bits actually made the tea clump together in this tiny tin, so it was a little difficult to get it out into my teabag.

David's Tea Forever Nuts

I also started steeping it without really looking at the ingredients, so I was really surprised when it started turning pink! At first, I thought it had hibiscus or another type of flower petals in it, but it’s actually coming from the dried beetroot.

I usually don’t drink teas with nut or fruit bases without some sort of leaf or flower in it, so this was a first for me! I really like the almond flavour in it and it has a nice balance between all the flavours. Plus, it turned a nice shade of pink!

David's Tea Forever Nuts

I tend to use my teabags twice in a day to get as much use as I can without compromising too much on taste, but Forever Nuts definitely isn’t one that can double steep…

What’s for Day 2? (aka, today’s slot?) Find out tomorrow along with Day 3!