Dollarama Drinks

So, after the Toronto Food Truck Festival, me and Chris decided to hit up the Dollarama near the station. She wanted to check for something and I wanted to grab some gum. But, once we got inside, we were immediately drawn to the food aisle.

There’s some pretty reputable things to eat in Dollarama, like Primo brand canned soups and sauces, some pretty decent pastas, Uncle Ben’s rice side dishes, Mr. Big chocolate bars, Excel gum and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. It wouldn’t be too far from the truth to say that you could make a decent meal out of Dollarama food.

But, there’s some stuff like instant coffee and single serve drinks that just look strange…

Dollarama Drinks

Don’t they look scrumptious? Chris and I really wanted to do a blogger swap, but we figured that this would be a good adventure for now instead!

We chose these drinks because we wanted to try something that didn’t involve a lot of cooking and that was somewhat familiar to us. I don’t mind some 3-in-1 instant coffee drinks, especially the ones from Malaysia, and we were really curious to see how a rice smoothie would taste!

4 Care Balance Rice Smoothie

4Care’s Balance Rice Smoothie in Chocolate Flavour and Vanilla Flavour

I swiped the vanilla flavoured one since Chris wanted the chocolate one. The ingredient list is pretty intimidating since three out of eleven ingredients are thickeners and calcium carbonate is there for stabilization and acidity regulation.

… Means it keeps it from going funky and the acid levels at the same place over time. Sorry, the science is sticking out.

4 Care Balance Rice Smoothie


Assuming that the information is actually right, the nutritionals aren’t too bad in a single box! There’s one good thing out of this.

But, the taste itself is so overly sweet! I don’t mind the flavour much since it actually tastes somewhat like vanilla with a nice nutty tone to the whole profile, but the drink’s thickness really kept the sweetness on my palate!

The chocolate was even worse compared to the vanilla because it felt like they added more sugar to try and mask the bitter cocoa flavours. Plus, the chocolate version was even thicker! Chris could barely get it through her straw!

Verdict: 2/5 – It’s quite cheap at $1 for two small boxes, but there’s better stuff out there for $1, even in the Dollarama.

Insta-Coffee Mocha

Dollarama’s Insta-Coffee in Mocha

I really shouldn’t have been so surprised at the really complicated ingredient deck, but I was! The thing takes up a whole section clear down the cup!

It should’ve been a clear sign of what’s inside…

Insta-Coffee MochaI do like how they included a disposable cup in the packaging so it can be used in some sort of long term coffee emergency on the road. There’s even some handy lines on the side of the cup to show you how far to fill the cup with hot water!

Too bad that’s about the ONLY thing I like about this drink.

Insta-Coffee MochaIt looks alright, but it tastes like an ashtray that’s been sprayed with a cheap chocolate room freshener. I don’t like throwing out food, but I had to throw this one out after I took a few sips.

Verdict: 0.5/5 – Don’t drink this unless it’s an absolute emergency. But, with so many coffee places around, who would need to keep one “just in case”?

I have no idea what to expect for our next blogger swap…







Blogger Swap – Jewelry!

I did another swap with the lovely at The Other Side of the Box! We decided on rings at first, but she couldn’t find one that I would like so she gave me THIS…

Jewels & Aces

It’s a Moroccan Gem Link Bracelet and a pair of Aqua Stella Studs by Jewels & Aces!

Jewels & Aces

They’re so pretty and bright! They’re a tad heavy for my liking, but I’m really happy that the chain on the bracelet is strong and it actually fits snugly on my wrist!

Jewels & Aces

Not to mention, it’s a Canadian company. Gotta love supporting the local companies!

Check out Jewels & Aces here! They’re perfect for a gift or a nice personal treat! 😀



Blogger Swap – Lipstick

Yay! Second blog swap with the lovely bff at The Other Side of the Box!

We had so much fun with the last swap that we decided to do another one right after it. This time, it’s LIPSTICK!

I know Chris likes (re: LOVES) lipstick, so I was looking forward to see what kind of fancy lipstick she got me!

Youngblood Lipstick - Just Pink

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Lipstick in Just Pink – $19.50-ish

It doesn’t look like it’s readily available in Canada just yet even though my first search showed that Target carries it even though Target doesn’t offer an online catalog of any sort. Spa Boutique does have it for $19.50 with a $10 shipping fee, but if you spend $75 or more, the shipping is free.

It comes in a nice, sleek little black tube that snaps shut, which I do appreciate since I always seem to find my lipsticks with the cap half off in my purse!

Youngblood Lipstick - Just Pink Swatch

The lipstick goes on pretty nicely and the shade itself is really lovely. I usually go for redder, brighter colours but I can definitely use this for every day wear! It’s a little patchy on my lips right now, but I have some pretty deep lip lines and it’s still winter so all of my lippies go on funky. That being said, it does a very good job of hydrating my chapped lips after a couple applications!

Also, it’s a cruelty-free product made with natural ingredients! Yay!

Have you tried Youngblood Cosmetics? What’s your favourite lip colour?

Don’t forget to check out The Other Side of the Box!



Blogger Swap!

I had my first blogger swap last week!

Blogger Swap Box March

I swapped with my bff over at The Other Side of the Box and this time, the theme was TREATS! We agreed on 3 different types of treats and I was really looking forward to what she picked out for me.

Werther's Original Caramel Apple

Werther’s Original Caramel Apple Filled Hard Candies

Whaaaaaaaaaaaat! Caramel apple hard candies?! These are awesome! The apple filling inside the caramel is actually soft and tastes kind of artificial (go figure) but I can tell that it’s supposed to be green apple. I do really like how the caramel gets soft after sucking on it for a couple minutes!

Werther's Original Caramel AppleAnother fun detail that I never noticed before today: the candies are actually the same size as they show on the package. Who knew!

Lindt Chili Chocolate

Lindt Excellence Chili Dark Chocolate

I KNEW she was going to give me this! She’s been bugging me forever to try this and I always said, “I’ll try it soon!” and never did. Now, I finally get to dig in!

Lindt Chili Chocolate Wrapper

Not quite, it seems. This is the first time I’ve seen chocolate bars wrapped and sealed like this! It took a while for my to rip it open without the chocolate flying out at me, but it’s nice to see that they did this to keep it fresh.

I love the pairing of sweet and savoury with the spicy kick! I didn’t think it was that spicy, but I can handle a lot of heat. (Green Thai coconut curry and tom yum soup are some of my favourite dishes!) It was mostly a heat that was at the back of the throat, and I thought it could use just a little touch of salt to really balance out the flavours!

Betty Crocker Red Velvet Cupcakes

Betty Crocker’s Red Velvet Cupcakes

Of course. She gives me a box of foolproof baking mix of her favourite cake. (Is this a hint to share?)

I haven’t had time to make it yet, but I’m excited to see how it tastes! Also, it’ll hopefully give me some baking practice so I can finally make a cake that doesn’t get burnt!

I really liked all the products in my swap box! I can’t wait to see what’s in the next one! 🙂

Don’t forget to check out her blog, The Other Side of the Box!