No, I’m really not. I’m not even 30 yet, actually. I just like saying that because I know it annoys people a lot!

But, I know that I’m pretty much an adult now who isn’t too great at adulting, but I’m at least adult enough to go to work on my birthday and not go out partying afterwards because it’s a TUESDAY, GODDAMN IT.

So, what am I going to do to celebrate?

On Sunday, the Monsieur took me out to explore the wonderful Liberty Village and Trinity-Bellwoods area in downtown. We had a quick little snack at Smoque N Bones, which has an in-house, Kansas City-approved smoking barbeque and makes absolutely delicious pulled pork. We’ll definitely be back!

For dinner, we went to a place called Chantecler Restaurant on Queen West. There’s not much on the website, but it’s a little dinner-only restaurant that’s got a great open-kitchen concept and literally serves up the best cocktails I’ve ever had in my LIFE. Their plates are primarily for sharing and I highly recommend the spicy popcorn shrimp and the lettuce wrap meal. (They’re so delicious!)

Tonight, I’ll be heading to an Italian buffet with my family.

Tomorrow, I’ll be donating blood and going for noodles with a couple other friends.

Finally, I’ll be going to another surprise dinner location this weekend!

I do like spreading out my energy over a few events over a huge bash because I like spending quality time with people!

Also, I’m excited to get my birthday present to myself when I get home! What is it? You’ll just have to wait and see… Muahahahaha.



Birthday Shenanigans

I’M 27!!!!!

Yeah, I know it’s not exactly a milestone birthday for most people, but it’s got a sort of geeky significance to me since it’s 3^3. It’s a lucky number!

Anyway, my birthday landed on a Monday this year and I didn’t arrange any plans because of two reasons: (1) I had to attend a show over the weekend for work, (2) I actually forgot about my birthday.

Is that a first sign that I’m getting old? I’d prefer to think of it as being pleasantly busy enough for a couple of weeks to zip by!

I feel so blessed and grateful to have such a loving group of friends and family, along with an amazing, caring man to call my boyfriend.

Not only was this my birthday week, it’s also the last week of August and the last unofficial week of the summer holidays! Ahhhh! That also means that both FanExpo Canada and the CNE happened this weekend, so I had a VERY busy time.

Apologies in advance for the super long post!

Monday the 25th – Birthday!!! I had the day off this year since there was a 3-day car show the company was showing at and, you know… it’s my birthday. TAKE THAT! I joined the cats for most of the day and napped through to the afternoon until I had to get ready to go out for dinner with the Monsieur! He took me out for drinks at The Pilot’s patio and then to The Oxley in Yorkville (!!!) before heading back to his place for some Futurama.

Seriously a perfect night for the both of us!

Tuesday – Second birthday dinner! Chris and my cousin Agnes brought me out to a fantastic Portuguese fine dining restaurant called Adega on Elm St.

We had some charcoal-grilled chorizo with crunchy, tart pickled vegetables as an appetizer and I opted for the Fettucine with Scallops & Smoked Bacon for my main.

Adega Fettucine Scallop and Smoked BaconIt was soooooo yummy! The portion looked a bit small, but the pasta was fresh and homemade and the cream sauce was velvety smooth. The best part of the dish was easily the scallops, which were buttery soft and perfectly seasoned like the ocean.

Of course, Chris and Agnes managed to spoil me with some great makeup and a new bag! (Not pictured just yet!)

Wednesday – Back to normal work! But, my parents surprised me by taking me out to dinner at a new-ish Cantonese/Japanese buffet up in Markham called Dragon Legend. It’s right across the street from the Costco up at Highway 7 and Woodbine Ave., and it’s pretty darn tasty!

Beware if you’re a driver: the parking lot is TINY even though there’s a ton of seating inside the actual restaurant.

Thursday – FanExpo time! After work!

Chris and I decided to go to FanExpo on the first day this year because we were pretty freaked out last year by the huge crowds. Plus, the Thursday pass was a lot cheaper and the hours were later, which was perfect for an after-work outing!

FanExpo 2014

I know, this seems like a super massive amount of people, but this was only the NORTH Building! The South Building had the sales floor and a ton of other shows and awesome displays as well!

FanExpo 2014I mean, how awesome is this full scale model of the Batmobile from the Batman: Arkham Knight video game? OVER 9000, THAT’S HOW AWESOME!

FanExpo 2014I’ve also always wished that I had the talent to be able to do an epic Lego structure like this one of Smaug the Destroyer from the upcoming movie The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies.

Of course, there’s always some sort of shopping involved and this time was no exception!

FanExpo 2014

Serenity Comic Book: The Shepherd’s Tale

Seriously, how did I not know that there’s a third book out?! AND, I also found out that there’s a FOURTH book coming out later this year! WHAT?! My mind was blown when I found out.

Tokidoki’s Unicornos Series 3 – Coccinella

It’s a unicorn pegasus with a ladybug pattern… I would’ve been happy with any of them, but Coccinella’s so cute! The Unicornos series, like Dunny’s, are blind boxes, so I really had no idea what to expect since it was a spur of the moment purchase.

Kidrobot x Futurama Keychain

I got this for the Monsieur as a little gift! He really likes Futurama (not surprising since he’s a physics PhD student) so we’ll see what he gets!

Batman Logo Black Ring

This is possibly the best purchase I’ve ever made at a comic book convention! I’ve never seen a geek ring this well made before that’s been made to fit WOMEN’S fingers! I was alraedy debating on whether or not to pick up some new Justice League comics, but knowing that it’d be super hard to find a glorious Bat-Ring like this really made the decision for me.

Friday – Nothing. I needed the rest, trust me.

Saturday – I actually skipped my parkour training session (GASP!) and went to the CNE with Chris! I was pleasantly surprised to see that they changed the main shopping area to be a lot less cluttered and weary-feeling even though the Arts and Crafts Pavillion was largely the same. We stayed for the afternoon but left around 6 just because it was getting unbearably crowded.

There was a lot of stuff to see and buy, but I bought a lot of things recently for a good price. But, I did manage to grab some new socks and a tshirt from a local designer!

Sunday – Shopped with Mom for some new lingerie/underwear at Victoria’s Secret. It was one of those days where I really appreciated how close I am with my mom and how open we are about what’s going on in our lives.

Monday – Went to Port Perry/Lindsay, ON area for lunch and fishing with my parents and a couple priests. Again, I spent the afternoon outside in the sun so I’m nicely tanned now but at least I managed to pull up a bunch of fish!



It looked like rain for some parts of the day, but it turned out pretty good!
Kawartha Lakes


So, that was my birthday week and a bit. It was super busy and lots of fun and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!