Tasting Box – April 2014

This post is so late! Gah!

Here’s most of the April Tasting Box!

Tasting Box April 2014

Yeah, I kinda already had the pasta sauce and, no, I’m not sorry I finished it already.

What is it?

Tasting is believing! The TASTING BOX includes 5 scrumptious tastes to enjoy, made by our favourite Canadian small batch food artisans and delivered directly to your door – a different box each month.  The TASTING BOX is the perfect opportunity to discover and sample the culinary talents right in our own backyard! Only 50 TASTING BOXES are available each month, so order yours today!

It’s $14.95 + shipping for a box, so people in Ontario and Quebec get it for around $22 or so after tax. This month, they sent a HUGE box because of the pasta sauce!

This time, there was only 4 items in the box, but that jar was HUMONGOUS!

Louise Prete Fine Foods’ Sugo Pomodoro all’Amatriciana – Toronto, ON (Full Size 737g – $9.99)

As you can tell by the absence of a product, we finished it ALL! It was really delicious with a good balance between sweet and savoury flavours between the Italian tomatoes, fresh herbs, double smoked bacon and that little touch of chili flakes.

It was a little more watery than I like in a tomato sauce (I seem to like my foods and sauces on the thicker side), but it goes super well with mushroom pasta!

Manning Canning's Spicy Tomato Jam

Manning Canning’s Spicy Tomato Jam – (45mL – $1.44)

It has a really good spreadable consistency, which would be great with crackers at a party!

Even though it’s a tomato jam, it’s actually pretty sweet! It reminds me of a really fancy ketchup with a pretty strong molasses-y scent that probably comes from the cloves and cinnamon they put into it.

I found it to be a little spicy at first but it faded away pretty quickly with the sweetness taking over and then made way for the more subtle flavours like the tomato, ginger and lime juice.

I may have to try and pair this with a cheese of some sort.

Kimberley's Own Nibscottis

Kimberly’s Own’s Biscotti Three-Pack Sampler – Toronto, ON (25g – unknown price)

I’m not too sure what the pricing is on this since it’s not listed anywhere!

They’re handmade biscottis with raw cacao, organic walnuts and chia. It may not be completely gluten free because oats generally carry very trace amounts of it, so be careful if you’re sensitive! However, they’re not made with wheat and it’s sweetened with maple syrup, brown rice syrup and honey instead of sugar!

Compared to traditional biscottis, these ones are much lighter and airier in texture but they still have a great crunch and mouthfeel to them. They’ve got a great mild sweetness and high fibre with a little cocoa hit that makes them a great mid-afternoon snack when the 3:00 slump hits!

Batch Sweet Kitchen's Salted Caramel Popcorn

Batch Sweet Kitchen’s Salted Caramel Popcorn – Vancouver, BC (50g – $3.33)

I really love salted caramel anything, so when I saw this, I almost squealed.

Be warned: it contains walnuts! I didn’t know that it had anything else besides popcorn and salted caramel, so it was a little shock when I took a piece out and a walnut was right in front of me!

The caramel is really crispy and evenly covers the popcorn so you get a bit of salted caramel goodness in every bite without having to smash the popcorn apart. The combination of that thin layer of crispy caramel, fluffy popcorn and delicious saltiness makes me keep going back for more!

I will note that the salt was a touch too heavy in the caramel, so it really brought out the slightly burnt taste that comes out during caramelization.

Verdict: I really enjoyed everything in the box, especially the salted caramel popcorn and the pomodoro sauce! But, I think I would’ve wanted to see a bit more variety. April’s box contained two tomato-based products and two treat-like things. I’m looking forward to see what May brings!

Did you get the April Tasting Box? What did you think about it?