adidas Runmore 10K – Race Report

“The only race that ends with you going back in time. #runmore 10K”

Event: adidas Runmore 10K
Date: November 1st
Time: 1am
Fees: $35CAD
Personal Goal @ 6’30” avg pace or less, 1:05:00

The very first adidas #runmore 10K was at 1am on November 1st and zipped us along the Martin Goodman Trail westward from Ontario Place. Why not use that extra hour from Daylight Savings to run a 10K race? After all, the clocks go back at 2am anyway.

I ran this on my own because I still don’t have many runner friends and most of the people I know were busy since it was Halloween night! But, I really can’t think of a better way to spend the night!

Here’s my recap of the adidas RunMore 10K!


If you’ve been following my weekly update reports like here, here and here, I’ve been running 10km once a week on flat ground, so I didn’t really need to do much additional training in terms of running.

However, I did need to plan my day since the race was starting at 1am! I’m usually asleep at 11pm, so this was going to be a challenge just being awake and planning out my meals properly since I didn’t want to burn out.

Race Day Prep

In case you didn’t see it, here’s the absolutely amazing race packet that they included.

adidas Runmore 10K Race Packet

Courtesy of adidas Canada

I was blown away by how much was in that race packet and the high quality of it all! Obviously, I didn’t take this picture, but it’s literally what what I got in my bag.

On the day of the race, I ended up having a big portion of Warm Chicken Quinoa Salad for dinner at around 7:30pm. I used some diced celery and cucumber to briefly pickle in a simple garlic vinaigrette that worked quite well with the slight bitterness and meatiness of the quinoa and chicken. I wanted this kind of dish because it was pretty light but very nutrient and energy dense.

I also took a nap from 9:00pm to 10:30pm because I knew it wouldn’t be able to stay awake. Gotta be in the best condition possible!

Since it was 1am, at the Waterfront, and it was Halloween night, I decided to dress up a bit!

In addition to the bright neon yellow Nike sweatshirt, adidas running light armband, and Nathan lightspur on my foot, the rainbow tutu lights up!

The Monsieur drove me there, but he was super worried about me because it was raining pretty hard at that time and I didn’t bring any rain gear. But, this really wouldn’t be the first time I raced in the rain! (Seriously, all the races I’ve run in 2015 have been in the rain!)

The village wasn’t as impressive as the Nike race since it simply wasn’t as massive in scale, but it was really great for a 600 runner race.

It was a shame that it was raining because there were live DJs and plenty of space to mingle, dance around and check out the food trucks, but they were forced to open the food tent so we wouldn’t get wet!

Luckily, the rain stopped enough just before we made our way to the start line.

Start line – I noticed that there weren’t a lot of people dressed up, which I found a bit strange since it was Halloween night. But I noticed that a lot of people were wearing really dark clothing!

Is it really that uncool to wear bright clothing at night so you don’t get hit?!

1km – I noted that there was a 1:05 pacer and knew that I needed to keep in pace with her or just ahead of her. Like hell I’m going to go any slower!

The rain was pretty minimal and it was against my back, so my glasses were thankfully spared from needing wipers.

Somewhere between 1-3kmWhy are there flashing lights coming right at me?! Who’s yelling?! What’s going on?!

Oh, it turns out that the paths were crossing each other in a very, VERY bad way. The runners leaving the start line were forced to veer left to continue the course. But, since it’s traditional here to run on the right side of the path (just like driving on the road), it was pretty much like turning left on a traffic light (again, just like driving) but without the traffic lights and nobody had brakes (not like driving, luckily)!

NOT GOOD. There were course marshals at that point, but it really stood out to me in a really bad way since, like I mentioned before, it was past 1am and not many people were wearing lights, reflectors or bright clothes.

3kmThere’s a zombie prom party or something like that at The Boulevard Club. Cool. Let’s hope they don’t act like jerks and jump out at us.

4-6km – I hadn’t seen the 1:05 pacer in a while, but I knew that she was behind me so I was starting to feel like I could slow down for a bit.

But, I noticed a bouncing light close by and it turned out to be her! Pick up the pace!

7-9km – At this point, I noticed that I had passed a lot of people who had dashed out at the first kilometer and were forced to slow down. I left behind my pacer so I geared back into a steady but slightly quicker than usual speed. Thank goodness I started out at a slower pace to make sure I could make my time!

A lot of the kids who were at The Boulevard Club had drifted out onto the trail and it was pretty obvious that quite a few of them were absolutely drunk. None of them caused me any trouble but I was really careful not to get too close to any of them in case they stumbled into me.

9km – I’m dying at this point. Where’s that finish line?!

A girl in front me noticed that I was coming up behind her and she started her kick. I totally didn’t mind and, if I wasn’t so tired, I would’ve given some chase but I just wanted to push across the finish line!

10km – I DID IT! A volunteer was waiting for me and graciously put this humongous medal around me neck!

adidas runmore 10k medal

This is the look of breaking a new PR!

And, where’s that 1:05 pacer? I couldn’t see her at all!

What’s my watch say? 1:03?! IT’S A PR RUN! WOOOOOOO!


As promised, there was free beer at the food tent and it was Beau’s Lug Tread! I swear, even though I was dripping wet, sore and hungry, beer had never tasted so delicious.

adidas runmore 10k beer Beau's Lug Tread

Unfortunately, because the food tent was opened before the race started, a lot of people had taken more than their fair share of the usual post-race food and there was literally nothing left for me to eat. Luckily, I packed away a light protein bar in the vest I left at bag check, so I was okay.


Here’s my official results:


overall place


division place

chip time

6:42* (this pace seems to be calculated by gun time, not chip time. Basic time math would put my pace at around 6’16”!)

I was super happy with adidas and their first race!

I definitely thought that they could’ve handled some issues a bit better, like the race course crossing over on itself and running out of food after only an hour, but there’s bound to be some hiccups. I’m looking forward to seeing if they’ll do it again next year since I’ll definitely be signing up for it again!

Did you run the adidas Runmore 10K? How did you find it?



Little Life Box – July 2014

Got some more goodies in the mail! This month’s Little Life Box had a theme of healthy, organic food!

What Is It?

Also known as Petite Boîte à Vie, the Little Life Box is a monthly healthy lifestyle subscription box that ships from Quebec, Canada. Each box starts at $19.99 and ships anywhere in Canada for $3.75! Each box will feature healthy and natural products for you to try and Little Life Box will feature some brands on their site to purchase full size products.

As always, the box was stuffed full of goodies!

At first glance, there’s some repeat brands that I’ve had in the past couple months but I think I’m okay with them. I’m also pretty pleased that I didn’t get another bottle of supplement pills!

OneCoffee Ethiopian K-Cups (2 pods)

They brought back the OneCoffee K-Cups this month but this time it’s the Ethiopian blend. I don’t have a Keurig machine, but I did rip out the coffee grinds from the cup, used them in my normal coffee and it worked pretty well. It’s a bit wasteful, but it’s about 90% biodegradable, so I guess it’s okay? O_o

Four O’Clock Herbal Teas (2 teabags)

I’m never going to have to buy tea again! I love getting them in my subscription boxes!

I got two in my box this month, but I can’t remember what the second one is. It’s a repeat brand, but I like sampling the whole line before making a clear judgement on a brand, especially when it’s something like tea, which has a million different brands out there. Plus, I love strawberry daiquiris! (Too bad it’s not an “adult” tea!)

Crio Bru’s Brewed Cocoa in Maracaibo – $17.97 for 340g

Now, this is interesting! It’s something like a coffee alternative but it’s simply ground up cocoa beans and brewed the same way as coffee. Crio Bru claims that cocoa beans contain the highest amounts of antioxidants by weight and that they contain a natural energy booster called theobromine, a chemical relative of caffeine, but doesn’t have the nasty side effects of caffeine like energy crashes and irritability.

Consumer science aside, I’m pretty excited about brewing cocoa beans because I’ve heard about it before. I have no idea if it’ll actually curb my appetite or make me lose weight (black coffee has similar effects in the long run, by the way), but it’ll be interesting to see how it tastes!

A.Vogel Herbamare Original – $4.49 for 125g ($0.36 for 10g sample)

The A.Vogel Herbamare Original is an herb and spice infused sea salt mixture that I’m very excited to try out because I love infused sea salt! I went to a winery restaurant and their wine-infused sea salt was to die for.

Ingredients: Sea salt, celery*, leek*, watercress*, onion*, chives*, parsley*, lovage*, garlic*, basil*, marjoram*, rosemary*, thyme*, kelp.

*Certified organically grown by: bio.inspecta AG

Way Better Snacks Simply Sweeet Potato Corn Tortilla Chips – $1.20 for 35.44g bag

The Way Better Snacks brand is making its rounds through the food subscription boxes, but I’m not complaining. They’re certified gluten free, non-GMO, kosher and vegan all at the same time!

The Sweeet Potato Tortilla Chips also contain some sprouted chia and quinoa seeds to help expose their nutrients for better absorption. Now, I have no idea how well these nutrients have held up through processing, but that’s good to know.

I’m so going to eat this at work tomorrow!

A.Vogel Absolut Arnica Pain Relief Gel + Coupon – $15.99 for 50mL ($0.62 for 2g sample)

This could not have come at a better time… I’ve barely been able to move my neck and raise my shoulders because I’ve strained my muscles so badly down my spine. (A deep massage by the monsieur helped, but it’s still getting there after a week!)

I rubbed it on my shoulders and neck and I’m actually very surprised that it works! Within a minute, the aching pain in my muscles went away and the gel dried up pretty quickly as well. It’s got a pretty nice floral smell, but it doesn’t completely cover up the alcoholic scent of the gel solution.

Now, the pain did go away pretty fast, but it doesn’t stay away for very long. This might be because I have deep tissue straining instead of a light strain or a simple bruise. But, if I ever want a more homeopathic pain relief gel, I’ll keep an eye out for this!

The Good Bean Roasted Chickpeas with Sea Salt – $3.39 for 2.5oz ($1.01 for 0.75oz sample)

More yummies! I haven’t had any roasted chickpeas in recent memory, but I do like snacking on roasted peas and peanuts! The fact that it only contains 4 ingredients (chickpeas, safflower oil, coarse salt, vitamin E) is always a good sign.

HoneyBar in Mixed Sesame – 45g

I have to be honest with you readers… The bar first reminded me of those bird feeders with all the seeds in them! Ahhh!

But, I know I’m going to love this one because sesame seeds are one of my favourite garnishes ever. Although I’m a bit concerned about how hard the bar feels inside the packaging. I hope I don’t break any teeth!

Nature Pro Vanilla Whey Protein – $57.99 for 800g ($2.18 for 30g)

This sachet came with this huge pamphlet of how healthy and natural this whey protein is, but it’s not overly clear about how I’m supposed to take it. There’s a little paragraph about putting it into smoothies, but how does this taste? Can I put it into soups?

Obviously, I’m not really into putting more protein into my drinks aside from greek yogurt, so I’m just joking around. This sample looks to be a single serving for a rather large smoothie, so I might go out and get some strawberries and an avocado to try it out.

RiceSelect Texmati – $6.32USD for 907.2g ($1.05USD for 150g sample)

That name just sounds so cheesy and I love it! TEX-MAH-TEE!

The rice is a hybridized crop that has the nutty, aromatic flavours of basmati rice but the texture and cooking instructions of American long grain rice. The results are a flavourful, fluffy and delicious dish.

This package of rice will definitely be used! I’m thinking of a Thai chicken curry dish with coconut milk, lemongrass and bell peppers.

MAX/Effects Naturals Eye and Face Makeup Remover

I was talking to a parkour friend of mine and she mentioned that she likes the concept of makeup, but she hates using makeup remover. I wonder if it’s because most makeup removers are mostly chemicals?

I’ve seen some pretty positive reviews about it, so I’m looking forward to trying it! Right now, I’m using some green tea wipes from The Face Shop because they’re just so damn convenient but I might throw this sample into my travel bag when I’m staying out overnight.

GoGo Quinoa Spaghetti – $3.50 for 227g

Gluten free pasta still freaks me out just a TINY bit just because I know it’s not going to be the same texture and bite as wheat pasta. At least this gluten free pasta doesn’t need to be refrigerated!

I did manage to make this delicious dish already, though!

Garlicky Kale and Shrimp Pasta

Garlicky Kale and Shrimp Pasta

I made some rookie mistakes while I was cooking, so it didn’t come out quite as well as I thought it would, but I also noticed that the pasta kept on absorbing all the liquid and the oils I kept putting in. So, if you’re cooking with this type, I’d suggest using a bit more sauce than you normally would and treat it more like a hardy rice noodle! (Meaning, actually USE sauce instead of just olive oil…)

Verdict: 4.5/5!  I’m starting to be able to cope with the supplements included in the box, especially if there’s something to do with muscle pain relief involved. The food items were nicely varied and I know that I can use everything that they included! Love it!

Did you get a Little Life Box? What did you think of it this month?



Water Avenue Coffee Company – Finca Buena Vista

I got a sample of this coffee by Water Avenue Coffee Company from the May MistoBox. What’s a cafe without some good coffee, right?

Water Avenue Coffee Company - Finca Buena Vista

My first impression of the bag was that it’s ultra cute, chic and resealable, but it doesn’t give me much of an impression of the company itself. It’s great that they listed the three main flavour notes on the front, though.

When I ripped open the bag, I noticed that the coffee beans were a lighter colour than I’m used to. Maybe it’s because they haven’t been roasted as long?

The smell is so intoxicating. Lovely notes of honey and fruit peek through the savoury roasted elements of the coffee beans. The light roast really highlights the subtle non-coffee fragrances and shows off what I think is the high quality of the farm.

Surprisingly, I couldn’t smell anything when I ground the beans and brewed my coffee.

The taste? Oh. My. God. It’s got the cleanest finish I’ve ever had in a coffee and I could really taste the honey notes right after the fruity acidic flavours that’s consistently through the product. LOVE IT!!

Verdict: I am extremely tempted to buy a whole bag from MistoBox (it’s 12oz and free shipping!), but I’ll wait until I try the others I got.

Want to buy a bag? You can get it here at or here at Water Avenue Coffee but they don’t ship outside the US! 😦

Have you subscribed to MistoBox? How do you like your coffee?