adidas Runmore 10K

I signed up for the adidas Runmore 10K!

This is actually one of those moments where Facebook and Instagram ads actually work because I had no idea that adidas was doing their own 10K run before the ads popped up on the feed.

I signed up on Sunday, so I managed to get a spot, but I think they already sold out by now… (See: Facebook and Instagram ads)

Courtesy of adidas Canada

Event: adidas Runmore 10K
Date: November 1st
Time: 1am
Fees: $35CAD
Personal Goal @ 6’30” avg pace or less, 1:05:00

It’s going to be at 1am in the morning to take advantage of the extra hour from Daylight Savings and the course will run along the Lakeshore route starting at Ontario Place.

I’m really excited for this race because I’ve never run that late before! It’s a new challenge (for me, at least) to run in the dead of night since I usually run on my own. Luckily, there’s going to be a LOT of people and I’m looking forward to seeing how other people dress for a cold, dark run!

Plus, there’s a swag bag that I’m very interested in seeing what’s inside. Hopefully, there’s more than just the race bib! I’m guessing that there’s a running tech shirt, but I’m hoping for something super bright and reflective since it IS a night run!

Right now, I’m aiming to finish at 1:05 like my usual 10km pace. Like the Zoo Run, I realize that it’s likely I’ll run faster since it’s a race, but it’ll also be pretty dark, which tends to slow people down.

I’m also going to be getting some more safety gear like a LightSpur by Nathan at Black Toe Running.

Courtesy of Nerd’s Magazine

Do you go night running? What would you recommend to do?




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