Weekly Fitness Update #2

I thought I posted this last night… Hmm.

So, I didn’t quite make last week’s goals because I got a bit of a chest cold over the weekend! That meant no running or parkour for 3 days… Boooo!

Here’s last week’s actual data:

Sept 29 – 5km @ 6’14” avg pace, 31:20
Sept 30 – 7km @ 6’08” avg pace, 42:57
Oct 5 – 10km @ 6’38” avg pace, 1:06:20

No parkour training since I wasn’t feeling the greatest. Ooops.

At least I didn’t go out and break myself again.

I managed to meet and exceed my 7km run goal, which is awesome! But, I didn’t meet the other 3 goals, so that’s not cool at all.

This weekend is also Thanksgiving here in Canada, so I’ll have to figure out how to properly balance my cooking time and doing a long run over the weekend. It’s also a shorter fitness week for me because I just did my 10km long run on Monday! Ahh!

This week’s running goals:

Oct 7 – 5km @ 6’10” avg pace, 30:50 (it’s raining today, okay?!)
Oct 9 – 7km @ 6’10” avg pace, 42:50
Oct 10 – 10km @ 6’30” avg pace, 1:05:00

I want to consistently get this pace before changing anything, so it’s pretty much base building instead of training for a specific race or goal.

This week’s climbing goals:

Oct 11

Top Rope – I’m not even sure if I’ll have a belay buddy or not this week because of Thanksgiving, but I’ll stick to the 5.8’s on the auto belays if I don’t! It’ll be a bit dull, but I want to do at least 2 routes at 5.8 level.

Bouldering – I was doing V1’s on a vertical wall, so I’ll focus on those routes again, but I’ll also work on shoulder strengthening exercises on the overhangs. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do a V0 overhang route!




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