Weekly Fitness Update #5

I actually managed to complete my runs! That’s always good, but I’m not sure if I can keep parkour in my fitness goals anymore… I explain below.

Here’s my results from last week:

Oct 20 – 5km @ 6’11” avg pace, 31:00
Oct 24 – 7.1km @ 6’01” avg pace, 43:07*
Oct 24 – 10km @ 6’44” avg pace, 1:07:20

It’s not exactly a PR week, but it’s not too surprising since I’m coming off of a rather nasty sickness.

I’m a little suspicious about the 7km run results because it was indoors and the shoe pod and Nike+ watch were registering some strange pace times compared to when I run outdoors. According to this Nike+ support answer, I’m getting about 90% accuracy if I use a Nike+-ready shoe and calibrate with a steady pace.

I’ve calibrated it, but I use New Balance shoes with the shoepod sensor locked into my laces, so I guess that’s why it’s a little less accurate.

My 10K run this time was SUPER hard because I actually went rock climbing on Sunday, before I went running… Trust me, I’m quite sore today and slogging through the last bit of work before I can go home!

Rock Climbing

I know I said last week that I would go do parkour instead of rock climbing, but a friend of mine lured me out by saying she wanted me to belay her. GAH!

Top Rope – I didn’t have any specific goals this week, but I stuck with a lot of 5.8s in the belay bays that were a lot more interesting than the auto-belay routes. It’s a lot more fun when there’s two walls involved, I can tell you that!

Bouldering – I didn’t bother with a lot of V0 routes because they were too easy! I did tackle quite a few V1s that were sort of challenging, but I was already getting tired by the time we hit the bouldering walls.

The adidas Runmore 10K is this weekend, so I should technically be taking it easy. But, since I run 10km regularly, I’m not terribly worried about tapering. In fact, I’m more concerned about keeping myself rested and sober for the night…

This week’s running goals:

Oct 28 – 5km @ 6’10” avg pace, 30:50
Oct 30 – 7km @ 6’10” avg pace, 42:50
Oct 31/Nov 1 – 10km race @ 6’30” avg pace or less, 1:05:00

I know it’s highly unorthodox for me to do cross training in the middle of the week, but there’s a company team building thing on Thursday that I’ll use as my workout.

Oct 29 – Rock Climbing

I’ll be helping belay the others, but I’d love to finish a 5.9 on Thursday!

I’ll have a race report on the adidas run finished next week, so YAY!

I also need to figure out a new Weekly Fitness Update picture… Bah.



adidas Runmore 10K

I signed up for the adidas Runmore 10K!

This is actually one of those moments where Facebook and Instagram ads actually work because I had no idea that adidas was doing their own 10K run before the ads popped up on the feed.

I signed up on Sunday, so I managed to get a spot, but I think they already sold out by now… (See: Facebook and Instagram ads)

Courtesy of adidas Canada

Event: adidas Runmore 10K
Date: November 1st
Time: 1am
Fees: $35CAD
Personal Goal @ 6’30” avg pace or less, 1:05:00

It’s going to be at 1am in the morning to take advantage of the extra hour from Daylight Savings and the course will run along the Lakeshore route starting at Ontario Place.

I’m really excited for this race because I’ve never run that late before! It’s a new challenge (for me, at least) to run in the dead of night since I usually run on my own. Luckily, there’s going to be a LOT of people and I’m looking forward to seeing how other people dress for a cold, dark run!

Plus, there’s a swag bag that I’m very interested in seeing what’s inside. Hopefully, there’s more than just the race bib! I’m guessing that there’s a running tech shirt, but I’m hoping for something super bright and reflective since it IS a night run!

Right now, I’m aiming to finish at 1:05 like my usual 10km pace. Like the Zoo Run, I realize that it’s likely I’ll run faster since it’s a race, but it’ll also be pretty dark, which tends to slow people down.

I’m also going to be getting some more safety gear like a LightSpur by Nathan at Black Toe Running.

Courtesy of Nerd’s Magazine

Do you go night running? What would you recommend to do?



Weekly Fitness Update #4

Last week was an absolute FAIL… I mean, take a look at my results:

Oct 15 – 5km – Rest (still not feeling well)
Oct 17 – 10km – Rest (went to a Farmer’s Market instead, does that count?)
Oct 18 – 5km – Rest (sore throat)

I knew I was being pretty optimistic about running while recovering from the flu, but I was feeling pretty good by Friday. Too bad the weather around here decided to switch from Fall to Winter Mode within a couple of days!

I usually don’t mind running in 3C weather, especially since there’s no ice, but I could tell that my body wasn’t acclimated to that temperature range and it was still pretty worn out so I didn’t run. Instead, I went to the Evergreen Brickworks on Saturday and made some pickled beets in the afternoon.


But I started to feel some ominous itching in my throat on Sunday morning and lost my voice by the end of the day! I’m much better today, but it’s still a bit painful to speak. A coworker was sick with some sinus-related symptoms on Friday, so I wonder if I caught something last week when I was super susceptible…

Obviously, I didn’t go to parkour, either… Ugh.

Anyway, I’m going to try my best to get back on the road this week and get my blood pumping again! It looks like it’ll be much warmer this week and I’ll hopefully be all better after today!

This week’s running goals:

Oct 20 – 5km @ 6’10” avg pace, 30:50
Oct 22 – 7km @ 6’10” avg pace, 42:50
Oct 24 or 25 – 10km

Instead of rock climbing as I had originally planned, I will get myself to the parkour gym to do last week’s goals. NO excuses this time!!

Oct 24 or 25 – Balance work, vaults, bar swing exercises

Hope I’ll be back next week with better news!



LANEIGE VoxBox – Water Sleeping Mask

I received this lovely VoxBox in the mail a while ago, but I just didn’t get a chance to try it out until now! Influenster kindly sent it to me complimentary for testing purposes.


Unfortunately, I threw out the mailing box a long, long time ago so I don’t have a complete picture to show you, but the Laneige packaging itself is really, really nice. I was also surprised that they sent me a full sized product!


Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask – $30 for 80mL

It says it’s for all skin types but I was a little suspicious because I can get some pretty extreme combination zones on my face and I rarely find anything that works everywhere.

I have to say that it works pretty well! I didn’t leave it on overnight because I don’t like leaving something on my face when I’m sleeping. I think it’s a throwback to the whole, “leaving cosmetics on overnight is gonna wreck your skin” thing.

It has a slight cooling effect and it does seem to work pretty well even after a couple hours! My skin was moisturized and it didn’t leave any noticable residues.

Also, it’s pretty reasonably priced at $30CAD for a jar of 80mL! Right now, I’m paying about $50 for my small jar of ultra moisturizer from H2O+, but I’ve had fabulous results from it.

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Have you tried it yet? What do you think about Laneige?



Weekly Fitness Update #3

I tried posting last night, but the WordPress app actually deleted the whole thing! Argh!

Anyway, here’s last week’s running actual results:

Oct 7 – 5km @ 6’04” avg pace, 30:26
Oct 9 – 2km @ 6’25” avg pace, 12:53
Oct 10 – 10km @ 6’30” avg pace, 1:05:05

I’m really happy about my 5km and 10km paces and it looks like I’ve really eased into those speeds. My intended 7km run, however…

I went to the track on October 9 since I wanted to do my Thanksgiving dinner grocery shopping after running the full 7km. But, I didn’t know that a high school football game was scheduled for 6pm that day! I got to the track just before 5pm, so I had a lot of time to run, but there was a sound guy setting up some speakers on the track and the home team was already out training and moving the benches off the field. Plus, the winds were gusting around 45km/h!

So, I decided to cut my losses and left them alone.

Rock Climbing

Top Rope – I went to Rock Oasis on the 11th but I didn’t have a belay buddy so I had to stick with the auto-belays again. However, I did manage to do a lot of 5.8s with relative ease! I didn’t get a chance to get to the only 5.9 on the auto-belays but I’m starting to think that I need a more reliable belay buddy system to get better… (Like more climbing dates with the Monsieur!)

Bouldering – I did some pretty easy V0 routes at Rock Oasis, but they were mostly on straight walls instead of overhangs. I was feeling pretty tired by the time I got to the bouldering walls, though

I was feeling pretty good the next day (ie., not sore), so I took a trip to the Hub Climbing up in Markham to take a look. I didn’t know it was primarily bouldering, so that was a surprise! I mostly tackled V1s and managed to complete a handful of them! Yay! I even managed to do a couple V0s on the overhangs, too!

Do you remember how I had a chest cold last week or so? It’s sort of back but it came with friends by the names of Body Aches and Fatigue so I’m not even sure if I can even go out running this week. At the very least, it’s definitely not a wise idea to put a time goal on my runs!

This week’s running goals:

Oct 15 – 5km
Oct 17 – 10km
Oct 18 – 5km at 6’05” avg pace, 30:30

This week’s parkour goals:

Oct 17 or 18 – I’ll be lucky if I actually get to the gym. If I do, I’ll be focusing on balance work and bar swing exercises.



Weekly Fitness Update #2

I thought I posted this last night… Hmm.

So, I didn’t quite make last week’s goals because I got a bit of a chest cold over the weekend! That meant no running or parkour for 3 days… Boooo!

Here’s last week’s actual data:

Sept 29 – 5km @ 6’14” avg pace, 31:20
Sept 30 – 7km @ 6’08” avg pace, 42:57
Oct 5 – 10km @ 6’38” avg pace, 1:06:20

No parkour training since I wasn’t feeling the greatest. Ooops.

At least I didn’t go out and break myself again.

I managed to meet and exceed my 7km run goal, which is awesome! But, I didn’t meet the other 3 goals, so that’s not cool at all.

This weekend is also Thanksgiving here in Canada, so I’ll have to figure out how to properly balance my cooking time and doing a long run over the weekend. It’s also a shorter fitness week for me because I just did my 10km long run on Monday! Ahh!

This week’s running goals:

Oct 7 – 5km @ 6’10” avg pace, 30:50 (it’s raining today, okay?!)
Oct 9 – 7km @ 6’10” avg pace, 42:50
Oct 10 – 10km @ 6’30” avg pace, 1:05:00

I want to consistently get this pace before changing anything, so it’s pretty much base building instead of training for a specific race or goal.

This week’s climbing goals:

Oct 11

Top Rope – I’m not even sure if I’ll have a belay buddy or not this week because of Thanksgiving, but I’ll stick to the 5.8’s on the auto belays if I don’t! It’ll be a bit dull, but I want to do at least 2 routes at 5.8 level.

Bouldering – I was doing V1’s on a vertical wall, so I’ll focus on those routes again, but I’ll also work on shoulder strengthening exercises on the overhangs. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do a V0 overhang route!