Weekly Fitness Update – #1

Is it weird to do a weekly fitness update on Tuesdays? Oh well.

Last week, I actually managed to run 4 times but 3 of the runs were pretty low mileage…

Sept 21 – 4km @ 6’05” avg pace, 24:26
Sept 24 – 5km @ 6’03” avg pace, 30:21
Sept 25 – 3km @ 6’05” avg pace, 18:20
Sept 26 – 10km @ 6’54” avg pace, 1:09:05

The 10km run was soooo much slower because I felt some pain on my left hip/lower ab muscles during the first couple kilometers. I was forced to walk and put some pressure on them to stretch them out, but the rest of the run went pretty well!

I went climbing on Sunday, but I didn’t have a belay buddy and I was too shy to ask someone so I couldn’t do top-rope without the auto-belaying systems.

Top-rope – I started with a couple 5.6’s and worked my way to 5.8’s but only managed to conquer one 5.8 available on the auto-belays. I was about 3/4 of the way for the rest of them, though! There were a lot of people and kids at the auto-belay bays for classes and parties, so I went to the bouldering sections.

Bouldering – I managed to do some V1 challenges on the flat wall, but I couldn’t even do a single V0 on the overhang walls! I found a couple of nice holds to do some pull ups to try and strengthen the necessary shoulder muscles, but I also made a mental note to do some more climb-ups and muscle-ups at parkour next time as well.

This week, I’m planning on following this plan:

Sept 29 – 5km @ 6’10” avg pace, 30:50 (it’s raining today, okay?!)
Sept 30 – 7km @ 6’10” avg pace, 42:50
Oct 1 – 10km @ 6’30” avg pace, 1:05:00

Oct 2 – Parkour Women’s Class + some climb-up exercises

Wish me luck!




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