Weekly Fitness Update #3

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving weekend! I know I’m stuffed from all the ham I had… Somehow, I managed to get everything done!

Here’s last week’s running results:

Oct 7 – 5km @ 6’04” avg pace, 30:26
Oct 9 – 2km @ 6’25” avg pace, 12:53
Oct 10 – 10km @ 6’30” avg pace, 1:05:07

The 5km run was awesome! I felt pretty good afterwards and totally pleased that I managed to break my goal!

Obviously, the 7km run was a bit different… I decided that I wanted to run at the track before going grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. It turned out that the local high school had a football game booked there for 6pm and I arrived at around 5pm.

Normally, it wouldn’t be an issue, but there was a sound guy setting up his gear on the track and then the home team started showing up on the field and moved the benches onto the track too… Not to mention that it was super windy with gusts in the range of 45km/hr!

So, I figured I’d just cut my losses and get out of the way.

Rock Climbing

Top Rope – I did quite a few 5.8 routes at Rock Oasis on October 11th, but they were on the auto-belays so it definitely wasn’t as fun. They were challenging, but I didn’t quite get a chance to try a 5.9 before getting too tired.

Bouldering – At Rock Oasis, I focused a lot of on the V0 routes and managed to do a handful of them, which felt relatively easy! The overhanging routes were a lot harder, but I think I’m starting to learn how to take my time and properly judge how to grab a hold and use ALL of my body to get to the next grip.

I felt pretty good the next day (ie., not sore), so I went to the Hub Climbing Gym in Markham to check out the facilities. It’s mostly bouldering, so I tackled a bunch of V1 routes that also included some that were on overhangs! I got through a few of them, but I quickly got tired so I went back to V0’s.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how I met last week’s goals, except for the fact that I’m about 5km short of my weekly mileage…

I’m feeling kind of sick today with symptoms of nausea, weakness, and a dry throat so I’m not sure if I’ll even try to run that much this week. Plus, I have some work in Mississauga later this week that may drain me further, so I’ll aim to get my mileage in without any time restraints.

This week’s running goals:

Oct 14 – 5km
Oct 16 – 7km
Oct 18 – 10km

This week’s parkour goals:

Oct 17 – Just to get to the gym and move around! Balancing is one of the top priorities, but I’m finding that it’s harder for me to get to the gym when I know I’d be facing the absurd traffic on the Gardiner. Ughhhhh.

I’m actually feeling worse now so I’m going to sleep and hope I feel better tomorrow… good night!




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