3 Teas – Organic Roman Rooibos

Okay, so I forgot my DAVIDsTEA advent calendar samples today so I went back to my usual tea for lunch.

3 Teas’ Organic Roman Rooibos!

3 Teas Organic Roman Rooibos

Ingredients: Rooibos, Rosehip, Rose petals, Lavender blossoms, Currants, Elderberries, Natural flavours

I’m starting to wonder if it’s standard practice in the tea industry to put in additional flavouring. If it is, I wonder if it’s to extend its shelf life and freshness?

Anyway, I bought this tin earlier in the year at a food show and it’s a wonderful, super flavourful and caffeineless tea to have in the afternoon! It eventually turns into a dark, rusty red and has a robust, herbal flavour.

3 Teas Organic Roman Rooibos

It smells strongly of berries from the currants and elderberries, but it’s not sweet at all! It also holds up really well for a second steep and it’s actually quite refreshing in the cold winter.

Do you have a favourite go-to tea for the afternoons?



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