DAVIDsTEA Advent Calendar 2014

Last year, I wanted to get an advent calendar from DAVIDsTEA but I quickly found out that they sold out within an hour! It wasn’t just sold out online; it was sold out within hours in brick-and-mortar stores as well!

Now, I have to say something that might be counted as heresy in about half the existing countries on Earth… I like coffee more than tea.

I know! HOW DARE I SAY THAT and then go around and buy a whole DAVIDsTEA Advent Calendar all for myself…

David's Tea Advent Calendar 2014

See, I prefer coffee over tea, but I still love me some good tea potions and DAVIDsTEA offers up some very delicious tea blends without sacrificing quality. I was lucky and managed to grab one last month when I was passing by the store!

In fact, I actually quite like DAVIDsTEA as a company compared to other popular tea chains like Teavana, who was purchased by Starbucks in December 2012. DAVIDsTEA’s branding feels cleaner and more geared towards comfort and everyday fun rather than the “exotic” traits that Teavana tends to use.

The DAVIDsTEA Advent Calendar features 24 teas in small sample tins locked behind perforated paper windows in a really sturdy cardboard box secured with some mildly weak magnets.

David's Tea Advent Calendar 2014

I’m definitely excited to try the first couple teas! I just realized yesterday that it’s already December and I’ve completely forgotten about opening them up.

I brought the first one with me to try out for my afternoon tea, so keep an eye out for that post!




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