Blood Donation

I donated some blood today for the 9th time (on record, at least)!

That sounds so sketchy but I donated a few times before I got the official Canadian Blood Services donor card, so a bunch of times didn’t show up on record.

Anyway, I heard on the radio that there was a blood shortage and, since I last donated in April, I went and booked an appointment.

I’ve never had a problem with the technicians at this location and Bay and College! They’ve always been very patient and professional with everyone who walks in but they also manage to keep a calm, casual atmosphere in the clinic.

Tonight took a bit longer than usual because there was actually a small queue for the beds! It’s very reassuring to see that the blood signal and broadcasts still work and people still go out of their way to donate, especially in a bustling city like Toronto.


Once I got into the bed, it only took about 9 minutes for me to fill a unit with blood! Apparently, it’s pretty average but my technician said that it’s actually kind of impressive since I’m so small.

(Thanks? I’m not sure how I feel about knowing that I’d bleed out and die in like 15 minutes, actually…)

Even though it took about an hour from the time I signed in to when I walked out, I would still highly recommend everyone to donate blood at least once because it literally saves someone’s life.

Plus, then you have a legit excuse to go to Fran’s diner and pig out on an all day breakfast or a giant, delicious meatloaf made in-house.





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