New Phone + Accessories – Samsung Galaxy S III

I was forced to get a new phone last week and I ended up getting a 16G Samsung Galaxy S III in navy blue.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Yay? Not really!

Actually, the Galaxy S III itself is pretty damn good. It’s just that the situation that led me to having to replace my old phone was pretty bad…

Samsung Galaxy S III

I went out with the Monsieur and his long-time friends from Quebec on a Saturday night and they decided that they wanted to hit up a nightclub. The music was actually fairly good at Gravity’s main room, but my phone was stolen straight from my purse.

It was an HTC One S, which is a really decent phone! But, it was already showing a bit of wear and tear since it was only 8G, it was already kind of old when I first got it in 2012 and the lock button didn’t always work.

I wasn’t overly broken up about losing that particular phone, but I was so panicked because I connected my phone to my work documents!


Luckily, the Monsieur took charge and lent me his phone so I could change all of my passwords right away. He even came with me to get my new cell phone since I needed one for a conference on the Monday and Tuesday afterwards!

(I still have to get him a thank you gift of some sort, but more on that later.)

Anyway, I’m still trying to get used to Samsung Galaxy S III since the interface is only slightly different from the HTC One S. Honestly, the change with small details like icon placement, different widgets and colour schemes feels a bit like having the furniture moved an inch to the left. Something’s a bit off, but it’s so hard to detect sometimes.

Samsung Galaxy S III Phone Cases

I ordered a couple of phone cases off of and they just came in today. Thank goodness, since it’s already almost slipped out of my hands a few times…

Luxmo Rubberized Crystal Samsung S III Case

Luxmo’s Rubberized Crystal Case in Green – $3.45

This is a pretty sturdy two-piece case that has a really nice, slightly rubbery feel. It also feels a little too stiff on first glance, but the case snaps together REALLY tightly, so I’m really happy with it!

Verdict: 4.5/5 – It feels like a good everyday case that I can easily spot in my giant handbags and it’s actually the same shade of green as one of my old Blackberry phones. It’s perfect for the price I paid, but I’m still a little worried about its durability.

Carved Wood Anchor Samsung Galaxy S III Case

Carved’s Anchor Engraved Cherry Case – $31 on their website, $7.09 on (on sale)

I have no idea how or why this gorgeous case was priced so low because it’s seriously an amazing piece of functional art!

Carved Wood Anchor Samsung Galaxy S III CaseThis is easily one of the best phone accessories that I’ve ever purchased! It’s so intricately carved, it feels extremely comfortable to hold and each piece is clearly one-of-a-kind due to the gorgeous wood panel.

I would highly recommend gifting a Carved phone case for any occasion! They’ve got an incredibly wide selection of pre-made designs available but there’s also some options to customize your case built into the website.

Hopefully, I won’t break or lose this phone since I actually quite like it with the case like this!

Now, if only I can make sure the Monsieur would like the book I’m planning on getting him just as much…





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