Christmas Planning (Already?!)

I’m usually the first to complain that holiday advertising and marketing are starting earlier and earlier every year. In fact, I actually saw some Christmas cards at Costco just last week and it wasn’t even September yet!

Usually, I cringe at the thought of Christmas when it’s like 30 degrees outside, but this year I have to think about what to get the monsieur… I only met him at the end of February, so I’m not as familiar with him as I am with Chris or my other friends!

So, I figured I’d go for a pretty reliable stand-by: Knitting!

I picked out a pretty basic pattern that I found online at Purl Avenue called the Ridge Rib Men’s Scarf.

Ridge Rib Men Scarf

Ridge Rib Men’s Scarf from Purl Avenue

It’s a pretty simple pattern, but the end result looks really elegant and classy! Plus, since I tend to zone out while I’m doing my crafts, so easy, simple patterns are perfect for me.

I went to Romni Wools over on Queen St. W after work and I picked up this yarn!


It’s hand dyed by a company out in Mineville, Nova Scotia called Fleece Artist and it’s 100% wool.


As you might be able to tell, they do amazing colours and I had such a hard time picking one out! I ended up choosing the blue one and hoping he doesn’t mind the purple in it.

I also decided to start a new scarf for myself because a girl’s gotta have more than one alpaca scarf.


Isn’t that a gorgeous yarn?! I’ll do a separate post about it and that project when I start it.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish them both by December… Wish me luck!




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