Dunny – 3″ Lemon Drop by Andrew Bell

I picked up this lovely Dunny from Silver Snail when I went to pick up a Green Lantern novel.


Lemon Drop 3″ Dunny by Andrew Bell

A vibrant yellow sun shines through a visage of oil and smoke. Featuring Andrew Bell’s illustrative imagery set off by a translucent yellow fade. Bright and bold and beautiful.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Kidrobot and the immense world of designer toys, I’ll give you a quick rundown!

There’s toys that are made for kids to play with and are basically designed to withstand all the physical abuse and drool that kids will inevitably inflict on their toys. (Think of how child-safe that all the plastics have to be when they’re around kids who can’t help but put everything in their mouths.) They’re decorated with simple but bright colours that have little to no artistic intent and usually aimed to appeal to the younger demographic.

Designer toys are usually meant to be display pieces, like a vase or a traditional statue. They usually have moveable parts similar to action figures, but they’re usually not child safe! Most of Kidrobot’s collectible pieces have a warning on the box that says it’s intended for audiences +14.

Of course, there’s some Kidrobot products meant for children, but most of them are for the urban art aficionados out there!


I got it for $14 or $15 from Silver Snail, but I’ve seen it sold in the box at retailers for $18 and they’re getting pretty hard to find now!

Like the other one-offs, the quality control on the artistry is absolutely superb. The normal Dunnys have some pretty good QC but there’s always some slight imperfections or something’s not quite as sharp as it should be.

But, the Lemon Drop keeps all of its gorgeous detailing from the gradual fade from opaque to transparent in the ears to the clouded swirl designs to the perfect golden yellow hues in the vinyl.

I’m not overly familiar with Andrew Bell’s work (I can’t pick out his art as well as Huck Gee or Junko Mizuni) but his style is very bright, sharp and almost exotically whimsical. He’s designed a few Dunnys already and I’m looking forward to seeing more of his work!

If you see a Lemon Drop and you’re curious to see what this is all about, pick one up! They’re already sold out on the Kidrobot site.

I’ve been collecting designer toys for a few years now, but I’m only recently starting to get back into Dunnys and slowly letting go of the Disney stuff. If anybody wants to trade, find me on Trampt as Zephie!




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