Princess Mononoke Kodama Toy

I went to Magic Pony down at the Design Exchange for a Dunny trading party and immediately fell in love with the kodama plushie from the Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke!

Princess Mononoke Kodama Toy

(Here’s mine chilling out with a pina colada.)

So what are the kodama? They’re basically tree sprites who thrive off the life force of the forest guardian. In turn, the forest guardian depends on the health of the forest and protects the forest and everything in it.

It’s an official kodama plushie authorized by Studio Ghibli and I was actually very surprised to see that it’s so well made! There’s some weighted beads in the kodama’s torso to keep it steady since its head is so large, and the fabric is really, really soft.

I’m not sure if it’s a QA thing or not, but each kodama at Magic Pony had some slight imperfections in their heads and made them look a little more unique with a bit of personality. Of course, I picked up the one with the strangest looking head I could find! Gotta take the funky one, right?

Princess Mononoke Kodama Toy

As you can see, it’s only about 4″ tall but that just means it’s pocket sized and it can go anywhere it likes!

I also found out that it can be HIGHLY disturbing to some people since it kind of looks like it’s staring at you. I showed it to the Monsieur and he wouldn’t break eye contact with it because it kinda creeped him out. But that’s all part of the fun!

Verdict: 5/5! It’s such a perfect size, shape and fuzziness that it embodies the whimsical creepiness of the kodama to a tee.

If you want to pick one up in Toronto, head over to Magic Pony at the Design Exchange (234 Bay Street, close to Wellington) or click here to check it out on their website!




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