LARABAR – Peanut Butter (Cookie)

One thing I love about Toronto is that there’s these huge, sprawling parks and trails that twist through the city and it’s so nice to go for a hike on some less-traveled roads without going too far.

I kind of went the wrong way on my hike and ended up on the wrong side of the city, but luckily, I brought my two last energy bars!

Larabar Peanut ButterLARABAR Fruit & Nut Energy Bar – Peanut Butter (Cookie) – $2.00 (48g per bar)


Dates, dry roasted peanuts, peanut butter (peanuts, sea salt).

I’m looking at my receipt now and I’m pretty sure I got a couple of these things on sale, so the pricing’s going to be off by a little bit!

I really like how LARABARs are made with maximum 9 ingredients across their gigantic product line! And, they’re committed to using non-GMO ingredients as a standard.

The reason why there’s brackets in the title is because LARABAR has two different names for the same product. In the US, it’s called “Peanut Butter Cookie” while it’s just “Peanut Butter” in Canada.

In case you’re wondering, it’s because the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Health Canada has labelling practices that stop companies from falsely advertising their products. In this particular case, LARABAR can’t state “Cookie” in Canada because there’s no cookie element in the bar!

The bar was kind of crushed in my bag because I was carrying it around with my giant water bottle, so it actually fell apart when I opened it! Half the bar crumbled onto the ground before I could react and I was legitimately sad!

But, when I took a bite out of the LARABAR, I was actually a little disappointed. The taste was definitely there and it had good sweetness levels, but the texture was lacking somewhat. It was crumbly and a little bit gritty from the date puree.

In my experience, LARABAR’s made itself a pretty hardcore following across North America. I never grew up with dates or figs, so I’m not as fond of these fruits as others and I’m not as enthusiastic about LARABARs as some other people I know.

Verdict: 2.5/5 It’s not the most appealing energy bar I’ve had and it didn’t really sustain me as much as the others, but that’s probably because I only had half the bar due to my clumsiness! Even though it’s not the best, it still tastes pretty good!




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