The Face Shop Haul!

I went shopping last week while waiting to meet up with the monsieur and I knew I had to stop into The Face Shop since I’ve run out of my makeup remover pads. I went in and came out with way more than I thought I’d get because they had a Gift With Purchase deal going on!

Here’s what I got!

The Face Shop Haul

What I bought:

  • Oil Control Film (50 sheets) – $3
  • Lovely Me:Ex Makeup Base in 02 Violet (40mL) – $5
  • Face It Artist Finger Gloss in BE701 (4mL, coral-type colour) – $15
  • Lovely Me:Ex You&Eyes in 03 Peach Kissed (1.6g) – $5
  • Not pictured above: Herb Day Lip & Eye Makeup Remover Pads (30 sheets) – $4

The Bonuses:

  • Lovely Me:Ex Nail Polish Remover (100mL)
  • Big (Freshian) Volumizing Mascara #02 Volume (7g)
  • Real Nature Mask in Blueberry (1 mask, 23g)
  • Calming Seed Deluxe Kit that contains Mild Bubble Foam Cleanser (15mL), 1-Second Calming Mist Toner (30mL), Skin-Resting Cream (15mL)

What a great haul for $36 after tax! I know that The Face Shop isn’t available everywhere, but I’m so glad that it’s at the Eaton Center since it’s quickly becoming my go-to brand!

I’m just sort of pissed that I left my makeup remover wipes at the monsieur’s place. *sigh*





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