Nerd Block – March 2014

I finally got my Nerd Block today after worrying for a day and a half that Canada Post had lost it in the mail.

But, I finally have the precious box and here it is!

Nerd Block March 2014

What is Nerd Block?

It’s a monthly subscription box featuring all things gamer, geek and nerd collectibles. For $19.99USD+tax, you get about 5 random full sized collectibles and a tshirt of your size with a design from ShirtPunch!

They mentioned that they partnered up with Ubisoft for the March box and they totally delivered with an official Assassin’s Creed figurine!

Again, they haven’t provided a product card, so I’m not too sure where these things are sold or any details about how much they might retail for.

Nerd Block March 2014

McFarlane Toys Assassin’s Creed Connor Action Figure – $19.99 (approx.)

AHHHHHHH! I squealed when I saw Connor in my box! I know that AC3 wasn’t the best out of the franchise (AC2 has better story, I haven’t played AC4:Black Flag yet, and AC1 and Altair hold a special place in my heart), but I loved Connor’s arsenal and the setting they put it in!

I am going to have to clear some space to put him up in my room!

Topps Wacky Packages Stickers Series 7

Basically, it’s a pack of trading parody stickers. They’re like trading cards, but you can stick them on your products for a little laugh.

They’re made by the same designers as the Garbage Pail Kids – parodies of the Cabbage Patch Kids – and are apparently making some sort of trendy retro comeback, somehow.

I didn’t even know that trading cards were still a thing these days. I’ll probably end up giving the unopened pack away. Email me if you’d like it! (knowyournoms [at] gmail [dot] com)

Nerd Block March 2014From left to right…

The Simpsons 25 of the Greatest Guest Stars – Yao Ming

This is a new series that just launched this year! It’s great to see The Simpsons still going strong in mainstream culture. But has it really been 25 years?! Damn, I’m old.

Legend of Zelda Mini Figure – Tetra from LoZ: Phantom Hourglass

I really have to stop throwing out the little cards that come with the figures because I have NO idea what the official name is!

Anyway, it’s Tetra! She’s such an adorable, annoying pirate princess brat, but she has her moments! I also love the fact that she came with a full heart container!

Star Trek Skele-Treks – Borg

This is sooooooo cute! I have to admit that the Borg is one of my favourite antagonist species in Star Trek and I am so looking forward to seeing if the new movies will bring them around and how they reinvent them! (I only have a LITTLE problem with the Klingons in the last movie and that was the fact that the ridges were way too shallow.)

But I love how it’s such a delightful mix of Star Trek and sugar skull designs! So morbidly adorable!

Nerd Block March 2014

No, I didn’t get 2 tshirts! I got the Darth Vader one on the left in my box, which I will be doing my damnedest to wear during parkour training to get a chase going!

The Totoro tshirt came from ShirtPunch, which is a partner company of Nerd Block! Each design is (usually) available just for a day, unless it makes it to a grab bag day. I am loving both designs!

Verdict: 4/5 It’s a great box! Everything’s pretty cool and now I even have a new tshirt and an awesome Assassin’s Creed figurine!

But, I’m still going to cancel.

Although it’s a great box and a fantastic subscription company, I was reviewing my credit card statement and Nerd Block charged me $35.80CAD for this box. That is a VERY far cry from the $19.99 price that it advertises. I know that it’s all from the taxes and the conversion rates, but I just can’t justify spending that much every month on collectibles that won’t be consumed or used up like cosmetics or food.

Likewise, my tshirt from ShirtPunch was originally priced at $6.99 and I was charged $16.61CAD because of (I think) shipping and taxes.

To me, this isn’t a fair deal since everything looks like it’s processed and sent in Canada. If it’s American owned and operating in USD, I would like to know that first!

I might revisit this box in the summer, but I have to stop for now.

Did you get a Nerd Block? What did you think about it?




2 thoughts on “Nerd Block – March 2014

  1. This is a different subscription box that I never think about and didnt know until reading ur blogpost, thank you for sharing ur review with us!!! It always nice to read and learn about different type of subscription boxes! By the way, I really like the Totoro Tshirt you got, it is so cute 🙂 I love watching Japanese anime like Totoro, Spirited Away, Ponyu are my all time favorites!!! 🙂

    • B.elle says:

      Thanks Janet! There’s a TON of different subscription boxes, so I hope you enjoy future boxes I’ll review!

      I love my Totoro shirt, too! Studio Ghibli makes the most whimsical, fantastic animated movies I know. 🙂

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