Threading – feat. Beauty Now Salon

Short answer: Threading is another method of hair removal by using a length of thread. The beautician (or technician, whatever you’d like to call them) twists a piece of thread around the hair and plucks them out row by row. It’s an old technique originating in India, and it’s a good alternative to sticky waxing and chemical depilatories.

I’ve had threading done before years ago when I was in university and I remembered that it gave me amazing results, cost a lot less than other hair removal methods AND it didn’t even take half an hour! So, when I noticed my eyebrows and upper lip getting a bit gnarly and a cute date coming up, I figured that I’d go get some threading done at a new salon that opened up in my neighbourhood.

Introducing Beauty Now Supply + Salon!

Beauty Now Supply + Salon

Address: 1202 Woodbine Ave., Toronto ON, M4C 4E3
Salon Services: Hair (men, women and children), colour, wax and threading, with expanded waxing services and manicure and pedicure services coming in the spring

I had just finished work and decided to call ahead to make sure that I didn’t need an appointment, since it was getting late and I wasn’t sure if they would have enough time. A man picked up and reassured me that I could just walk in for a session even though they were closing at 6pm today! Ah, better rush!

When I stepped through the door, I was blown away by how BIG the inside was! Looks can indeed be deceiving with the walls completely lined with brands like Schwarzkopf, Goldwell, DS Laboratories, OPI, KMS California, Paul Mitchell and Redken. Just beyond the cashier was a huge space with a well spaced out hair salon for about 6 clients at a time.

A tall, burly man with some impressive facial hair greeted me with a warm smile.

“Hey! You just called, right? Come on in! Nancy here will be doing your threading today. Do you want to hang up your coat?”

Instant welcome, great atmosphere and it turns out that he’s the owner, Brian. This is great.

Nancy, a small framed Asian woman, gently herded me to a well lit mirror after I handed my jacket to Brian and laid me back on the reclining salon chair.

“You want natural, yes? Just clean up?” She said softly, almost in a whisper.

I nodded. My eyebrows arch nicely to my facial structure and I do NOT want to look permanently angry.

With subtle hand gestures and soft “no”s, she directed me to stretch out the skin under my eyebrow with my fingers as she unwound some thread.

Ahhh, yes. I remembered doing this and then being pretty relaxed last time and closed my eyes.

KRRRIP. With thread in her mouth and the rest twisted between her fingers, Nancy caught several rows of tiny, minuscule hair follicles between the twisted thread and yanked them right off my face.

OWWW. The pain was definitely familiar, but it didn’t seem to hurt like this last time! I quickly told myself to relax and breathe deeply as Nancy methodically and rhythmically trimmed and shaped my unruly eyebrows into a sleeker, but natural shape.

Only 15 minutes later, she brushed away the stray hairs from my face and brandished a small mirror in front me. “Do you like?”

Oh. My. GOD! My eyebrows looked fantastic! The shape was perfect and completely EVEN. I could never achieve that on my own and I had to walk around with crooked eyebrows the last time I went to a salon during lunch break.

“Do you want me to do lip, too?” She asked and waved to her upper lip.

Yes, please!

The results were absolutely fantastic. I was in tears by the end of it, but she giggled and reassured me that it was completely normal and everyone tears up with pain from threading. After I got home, the threaded areas were red and a bit swollen from the hairs being forcefully yanked out, but I took care of that with a cool, damp cloth and simply waited it out.

The bill came up to about $15 after tax but before tips, which is totally affordable for the impeccable service I received and I am definitely going back again!

Want to make an appointment at Beauty Now? Check out their website here and give them a call! They’re super friendly and really close to Woodbine Station.

Have you had threading done before? How was your experience?




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