Logitech M325 Wireless Mouse – Review

I got a new laptop over the holidays because my old one was acting a bit funny and it was getting hilariously outdated with its Windows Vista (x64) trying to handle stuff that’s designed for 7 and newer.

Since I also need to use this computer at work, I thought that getting a wireless mouse would be handy!

And boy, does this mouse deliver!

Logitech M325

I got this at Best Buy for $19.99 during their holiday sales just after the New Year passed, but they’re going for $34.99 both on Best Buy and Amazon.ca.

I usually fit a small/medium latex glove, so this mouse fits in my hand pretty well! It’s a little small for long-term usage like marathon gaming or a super-stressful day at work, but it feels comfortable and easy to hold, click and scroll around a screen.

It features a comfortably-placed track wheel for easy scrolling, but it also doubles as the trigger to go back and forwards in your internet browser by tilting the wheel gently left or right. I do find that I have to use my index finger to use the back/forward feature instead of my middle finger since it usually rests over the wheel.

It’s also got a nice weight to it with the AA battery inside, so it gives a good response on-screen after a little configuration in the control panel.

Logitech M325

As you can see, the receiver bit is housed underneath right beside the battery for easy storage and access. ┬áIt’s also really easy to take out on the go!

Another great feature to this mouse is that the sensor doesn’t glow red when you flip it over. No more sudden blinding!

Logitech M325 Receiver

The receiver can apparently also sync up with other Logitech products through their Unifying software, but since I don’t have anything else besides a mouse now, I haven’t been able to test out that feature.

It’s also really small and unassuming on the computer, so it’s really convenient to stick into one of the more inaccessible or oddly-placed USB ports and just forget about it.

The best thing about this mouse is that it’s so easy to get started. All you really have to do is plug in the receiver, make sure the mouse is on with the tag yanked out and you’re good to go! No pesky installation program needed!

Verdict: 9/10

I fully approve of the Logitech M325! It’s comfortable, easy to travel with, packed full of sleek features and it comes in a huge variety of colours and designs. It’s just a touch too small for my liking, so if you’ve got big hands or clumsy fingers, this may get uncomfortable real fast.

Want it? Buy it at Best Buy, Future Shop, Amazon.ca or check out your local electronics store to see if they have it.

Have one? Tell me what you think!