I’m not dead! (Updates)

Hello everyone!

I didn’t quite turn into a hermit, but I did want to get offline from blogging for a while. I didn’t want to keep myself on a completely scheduled posting regime because this is something I wanted to do for fun.

So, what’s been going on lately?

Work and career really threw me for a loop. I had to decide between two job offers on both sides of the country and I unfortunately picked the one that happened to fall through. Boo.

I’ve gotten into hitRECord, which is a public collaborative production company directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I apparently joined in 2011, but I didn’t really get into it until this year. It’s a bit more fun than blogging for me because the material’s a lot more creative and community’s a lot smaller so there’s quicker feedback and it’s just fun!

The end of August is always busy for me, too!

  1. My birthday was last week. (YAY!)
  2. FanExpo. (SUPER YAY! COMICS!)
  4. End-of-summer bbqs. (WINE! YAY!)

And, this year also includes TIFF! Chris had some extra tickets to use up this year, so she managed to get me into a few of them!

Maybe next year, I’ll buy a membership with her and get in the advanced line.

Anyway, I’ll try my best to update about TIFF!




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