Tag Your Pets!

So it’s almost 1am here and I’m doing a quick post from my phone because I’m a bit too wired to really sleep and my computer’s off.

About an hour ago, I was almost asleep when I suddenly heard a huge booming woof outside my door and my cat yowling his face off. It turns out that this gorgeous creature found her way to our door.


I managed to lure her close enough for me to leash her with blackjack’s piddly little cat leash, but I quickly found out that she doesn’t have any tags on her collar! NONE!!


My brother called animal control since a couple of officers had come around looking for her a few weeks ago, but they won’t be here until morning.

This dog is absolutely adorable and perfectly keepable as a companion. If it was a less honest family, this dog would never find her way home!

Please, for your pet’s sake, make sure that they’re properly tagged and microchipped if they go outside.

And who keeps their huskey outside overnight in a city?! Jeez.



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