Too Damn Hot!

Most of Ontario’s under a pretty extreme heat alert right now and it’s EFFING HOT. It’s going up to around 40C with the humidex and both my cats are wilting next to the vents.

I’ve been primarily feeding off of room-temperature and cool foods like quinoa salad with just veggies, ham and lime vinaigrette, lots of cold water and drinks and warm soup noodles, so it’s not too bad food-wise.

I’ve pretty much given up on makeup for this week until the heat wave’s passed, but I have to buy some tinted BB cream to use as foundation since I need to look presentable tomorrow.

What’s your makeup routine in the humid summer? What do you like to eat when it’s just too damn hot outside?



Victrola Coffee Roasters – Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere

Crazy past 2 weeks around here. The washroom’s pipes are leaking, so we have to get that fixed. There’s heavy construction on the major street a block away from me that starts before 7am. Then Toronto undergoes a flash flood that drowns the majority of downtown. Luckily, I was spared from any flooding and I didn’t lose any power!

Now that it’s calmed down a bit, I finally have a chance to catch up on some coffee tasting!

Today, we’re taking a look at Victrola Coffee Roasters’ Yirgacheffe Kochere from Ethiopia.

Victrola Coffee Roasters Yirgacheffe Kochere

As you can tell, the most prominent flavour profiles are Jasmine, Tea-Like and Delicate.

I drank this while eating lunch, so my palate might be a little muddled for coffee tasting, so take  my advice with a little grain of salt. But, I tasted my coffee before I ate anything and before I added any sugar or milk and I was immediately reminded of a nice floral cup of oolong tea during a dimsum lunch!

Then I thought to myself, “if I was given this coffee blindfolded, would I think it was a tea-flavoured coffee or just a really bad tea?” After thinking about it for a few moments, I’m pretty sure I’d probably think it’s a pretty nasty tasting tea.

Why would I think it’s a bad tea instead of gourmet coffee? It’s because this particular roast actually carries a fair amount of astringency, which is a texture that’s characteristic of tea and coffee. But, it doesn’t have the same amount as a good, strong tea!

After I added my regular amount of sugar and milk, the tea-like flavour profile still remains but the distinct coffee notes come out a lot more. In my opinion, that’s a good thing and it does remind me a bit of the Hong Kong-style yin-yan beverage that’s a mix of coffee and black tea. (And gets you more wired than a UofT student on their last exam of the season.)

It’s also a tad bit too delicate for my tastes, but that could also be due to staleness.

Verdict: Although I do like the flavour combination of tea and coffee, it’s not a combination that I’d want to have on a regular basis. Plus, it’s something that I can readily make at home with added caffeine for an extra kick.

Want to try some new coffees? Check out for monthly boxes that do ship to Canada!



Tag Your Pets!

So it’s almost 1am here and I’m doing a quick post from my phone because I’m a bit too wired to really sleep and my computer’s off.

About an hour ago, I was almost asleep when I suddenly heard a huge booming woof outside my door and my cat yowling his face off. It turns out that this gorgeous creature found her way to our door.


I managed to lure her close enough for me to leash her with blackjack’s piddly little cat leash, but I quickly found out that she doesn’t have any tags on her collar! NONE!!


My brother called animal control since a couple of officers had come around looking for her a few weeks ago, but they won’t be here until morning.

This dog is absolutely adorable and perfectly keepable as a companion. If it was a less honest family, this dog would never find her way home!

Please, for your pet’s sake, make sure that they’re properly tagged and microchipped if they go outside.

And who keeps their huskey outside overnight in a city?! Jeez.