Air Plant Pup!

I have 3 air plants, one of which I featured in a previous post about an easy and cheap terrarium.

My other 2 air plants have made their home in a hanging glass orb. I don’t spray them right inside the orb because all the moisture gets trapped inside, so I carefully remove them and soak them for about an hour once a week. (Or week and a half if I forget, which happens more often than I’d like.)

But, this seems to work for my plants since I found out that my Tillandsia ionatha, aka Callisto, has a pup!

Air Plant Pup


I can’t wait to nurture it into a full grown T. ionatha! I only found it because I was testing some of the older outer leaves and a couple leaves just fell off and revealed that itty bitty little bud! It might look like just another leaf, but it’s got tiny mini leaves poking out of the edges already!

If you have an air plant, keep an eye out for any buds after flowering and keep up the routine you’ve got for them!




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