MistoBox – June 2013

May was a huge month for MistoBox with their appearance on Shark Tank on ABC (it’s like Dragon’s Den on CBC for all you fellow Canadians out there) and they’ve made a huge overhaul on their subscription service.

At $23USD per month for their Awesome Subscription, you can get a box of four 1.7oz bags of whole bean gourmet coffee shipped to your door once a month. But, they’ve added the option to get a second, different box shipped for $46USD per month! Two whole boxes of delicious coffee a month!

If you find that you’re going through your coffee too fast, you can upgrade to the More Awesome Subscription to get four 3.4oz bags of whole bean gourmet coffee at $35USD once per month OR $70USD for two boxes per month!

As always, the first boxes are at a discounted price ($5USD for Awesome, $10USD for More Awesome), so it’s a pretty neat deal if you wanna try it out!

Since I signed up just before the price hike, I get mine at $20USD per box and I don’t plan on letting it go anytime soon.

June MistoBox

June’s MistoBox contains:

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere – Victrola Coffee Roasters // Seattle, Washington

Considered one of the most prized coffee regions of the world, Yirgacheffe produces some of the most distinctive coffees year after year. The coffees of the region are diverse while maintaining a flavor profile that is unmistakable: light, delicate, floral, sweet, and citrusy. This year’s crop from Kochere is aromatically intense with jasmine, rose, orange and sweet marzipan.

Honduras Jose Salomon Benitez – Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co. // Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This microlot of Finca El Bourboyon from Producer Jose Salomon Benitez is but one example of the unique profiles and quality potential found in Honduras coffees. The coffee benefits from a microclimate influenced by numerous rivers, shade trees, and mountains that encompass the Opoloca coffee growing region. This coffee is sweet like honey and nougat, with fruited notes of currants and a creamy, silky body.

Rwanda Mwasa – Ladro Coffee Roasting // Seattle, Washington

Mwasa washing station is privately owned by Alphonse Kayijuka, a farmer and business man born and raised near the current site of the station, with ten other farmers from the Nyamasheke area who all have shares in the business. This particular coffee has layers of flavor, unfolding first with blood orange acidity, opening up to dark fruit sweetness and finishing with a dark chocolate astringency.

El Salvador La Granadilla – The WestBean Coffee Roasters // San Diego, California

While Natural processing is popular in other parts of the coffee-producing world, it is a relatively new practice in El Salvador. This processing method enhances the fruit qualities in the coffee. On the front end of the cup, enjoy subtle hints of apricot and lemon zest with a delightful acidity on the palate, transitioning to a mildly spiced, dark chocolate full body finish.

I’m looking forward to trying out all the different coffees, but I have to say that the shipping time for my box was about 9-10 business days from the US. I wonder if that affects the coffee taste…

Want to try out a MistoBox? Check it out here at MistoBox.com and make sure to say that Betty Lau referred you! 🙂

Happy drinking!




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