Elemental Coffee – Colombia San Agustin

Here’s the final sample of coffee from Early May’s MistoBox!

Elemental Coffee - Columbia San Agustin

Just like OQ Coffee’s sample bag, I opened the bag and I could immediately smell the coffee beans inside. This time, it was a much more familiar scent since the beans originate from Colombia and most Canadians are more familiar with Colombian coffee.

Before I tried anything, I read the card that MistoBox sent in the box and it says that the “… farms are planted with caturra, typica, bourbon and castillo varieties to make this lot. The cup opens up to a nice citrus acidity with orange and papaya fruited notes, paired with molasses heavy sweetness and a round body.”

I took a sip without adding sugar or milk and I instantly thought, “complex, rounded, bold and STRONG!” This coffee will definitely appeal to the more hardcore coffee drinkers who want something to wake themselves up with at 6am in the morning to rush out the door!

After adding some sugar and milk, I started to pick up the fruitier flavours and found that it has more of a papaya taste than orange and citrus, though there’s definitely a mild acidity to the blend. The deep molasses flavour comes out most prominently at the end of the cup.

Verdict: Although I feel most comfortable with this type from my MistoBox, it’s not my favourite. It’s got too many flavours mingling with each other, which contributed to its complexity but at the same time almost made it TOO complex. It’s a personal preference, but I like cleaner flavour profiles.

Curious about this coffee? Pick up a bag from MistoBox through here or check it out from Elemental Coffee Roasters here. From what I can tell, their Saucha bag will change every now and then according to season!

However, their checkout page seems to be a little broken right now and it keeps telling me that my postal code is wrong and that I need to choose a shipping method that doesn’t exist. I’ll update at a later date to see what’s going on!




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