Objects of Worship by Claude Lalumiere

Objects of Worship

Twelve strange, eerie, sensual stories by a bold new voice in weird fiction. Capricious gods rule a world of women. Zombies breed human cattle. The son of a superhero must decide between his heritage and his religion. Young lovers worship a primordial spider god. The apocalyptic rebirth of the god of elephants. Monstrous chimeras roam through a devastated future Earth. A retired fisherman caught in the middle of a conflict between gods and superheroes. Teenagers struggle to survive a surreal ice age…

Published by ChiZine Publications, this anthology of Claude Lalumiere’s take on Canadian weird and surreal fiction is fantastic at the very core of the word’s definition.

Each story delves into his multiversal imagination with superheroes, ethereal gods, creepy visuals that make your insides squirm in strange ways, all mixed up with sexy, Canadian flair. The twelve stories carries a thread of darkness of the barely-unknown, beckoning you to keep turning the page with a twinge of apprehension, fear and excitement.

My favourite story came at the beginning with The Ethical Treatment of Meat, where Lalumiere brings you to the delightfully post-apocalyptic world where zombies go to church and have backyard barbeques with brain cake and brains on the grill. They also farm humans for their brains, which raises the issue of animal cruelty and trying to cope with the core of your nature.

Besides the copious amounts of superhero and comic book influences, one of best things I found about this anthology is that Lalumiere allowed some of his characters and locations cross over through the stories, creating his universe but blurring it with our reality.

This will be a book I look forward to reading again and again.

Stories in Objects of Worship:

  • The Object of Worship
  • The Ethical Treatment of Meat
  • Hochelaga and Sons
  • The Sea, at Bari
  • The Darkness at the Heart of the World
  • Spiderkid
  • Njabo
  • A Place Where Nothing Ever Happens
  • A Visit to the Optometrist
  • Roman Predator’s Chimeric Odyssey
  • Destroyer of Worlds
  • This Is the Ice Age


Interested? Try finding it at your local library or buy it directly from ChiZine Publications or Amazon.ca.




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