Water Avenue Coffee Company – Finca Buena Vista

I got a sample of this coffee by Water Avenue Coffee Company from the May MistoBox. What’s a cafe without some good coffee, right?

Water Avenue Coffee Company - Finca Buena Vista

My first impression of the bag was that it’s ultra cute, chic and resealable, but it doesn’t give me much of an impression of the company itself. It’s great that they listed the three main flavour notes on the front, though.

When I ripped open the bag, I noticed that the coffee beans were a lighter colour than I’m used to. Maybe it’s because they haven’t been roasted as long?

The smell is so intoxicating. Lovely notes of honey and fruit peek through the savoury roasted elements of the coffee beans. The light roast really highlights the subtle non-coffee fragrances and shows off what I think is the high quality of the farm.

Surprisingly, I couldn’t smell anything when I ground the beans and brewed my coffee.

The taste? Oh. My. God. It’s got the cleanest finish I’ve ever had in a coffee and I could really taste the honey notes right after the fruity acidic flavours that’s consistently through the product. LOVE IT!!

Verdict: I am extremely tempted to buy a whole bag from MistoBox (it’s 12oz and free shipping!), but I’ll wait until I try the others I got.

Want to buy a bag? You can get it here at MistoBox.com or here at Water Avenue Coffee but they don’t ship outside the US! 😦

Have you subscribed to MistoBox? How do you like your coffee?




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