Cuccio Nail Polish – Tel-Aviv About It

I recently got my hands on this new(?) nail polish from Cuccio. It’s not a terribly well-known brand like OPI or China Glaze, but it seems to be a pretty high quality formula.

Cuccio Colour - Tel Aviv About It

I tested it on just my thumb when I first got it and it was still wet after 45 MINUTES. OUTSIDE. IN THE SUN. But when I tried it again, it actually dried at a reasonable rate. Maybe it was the base coat I used the second time? Or maybe it was because it was super humid that first time?

Either way, I really, REALLY like it now. It’s super shiny even without a top coat and the darker neutral shade really appeals to me! The best part? It went through a ton of abuse over a couple days and it didn’t chip or lose any shine.

Cuccio on hand

Verdict: Get it! At only $10 CAD, it’s almost a steal. It’s available on, but you need to make an account to order. It’s also available at other online retailers, but I haven’t seen it in stores yet.

Have you tried it?



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