Easy Air Plant Terrarium


Isn’t that pretty? It’s easy, under $20 and perfect for small indoor spaces like apartments, small houses or just a neat coffee table centerpiece!

I do love my air plants (scientifically known as the Tillandsia genus) since they’re so easy to take care of and they have this surreal, otherworldly feel to them that I adore! All they need is a good soaking every week, a nice dirtless perch for them to hang out and be within 10m of a bright window and they’re happy!

I know a lot of people like the trendy glass terrariums and hanging orbs, but they just don’t give a lot of space and air circulation that air plants prefer. Don’t get me wrong; my Venus (T. fuschii) and Callisto (T. ionantha – I’m fairly sure, at least!) have taken up residence in a hanging orb and they look great in it!

But, you know what they say… Two’s company, three’s a crowd.

If you want to make this terrarium at home or as a gift, make sure you get to know how to care for these plants! A great site is here!


1 air plant
1 bamboo plant container with plastic lining
2 bags of river rocks (Got these at the dollar store!)
1 tealight (IKEA is a good place to get some nice scented ones)

Simply fill the plant container with the river rocks until almost full. Nestle the air plant into one side to your liking and place the tealight into the rocks on the other side. Take care not to place them too close to each other if you’re planning on lighting up the candle. (Remember, it’s a plant… They don’t like fire much!)

When you need to water the air plant, just remove it from the stones, soak and dry before re-mounting it into the stone bed!



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