Yaby Lip – Fantasy Ambush (lc035)

I managed to get my hands on some Yaby products and I tried out their lip pot. It’s tiny, but the shade Fantasy Ambush has a nice raspberry colour to it with some shimmer that really calls out to me.


Behold my glorious MS Paint skills and crappy photography!

Seriously, the Yaby lip pot is like 1cm in diameter. Super, super tiny. The lip product itself isn’t anything spectacular to speak of. It’s actually pretty dry without a gloss or a balm to go with it!


It’s a bit muted compared to the other lip colours I’ve been using lately, but it’s still quite nice. We’ll see how it holds up as the night wears on.


xoxo, B.Elle

3 thoughts on “Yaby Lip – Fantasy Ambush (lc035)

    • B.elle says:

      I finally tried it and it’s actually quite nice! It goes on a bit unevenly, but that could just be bad finger brushing…

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